I received your letter on 8/8/17

Clerk, Cedric



APWA 8/13/17 I received your letter on 8/8/2017. Once again thank you for allowing us ( the forgotten men and women in America's penal system). I want to say this and give you guys a certain perspective. 95% of prisoners suffer from some sort of metal illness. 85% go undiagnosed. Physical incarceration only enhance the symptoms. Imagine taking a human who already has a fragile existence then depriving him of the simplest of human comforts ie. a sincere smile, a hug, concern an intimate touch from a significant other. What is expected to happen to this human ? Is he/she expected to become a loving compassionate person? Is he/she expected to thrive upon he/she release back into society? If these things are expected of the prisoner, then those who implement these sadstic tacts are not only irrational but diabolical. Most believe that their anger and irratic behavior is justified. Now that is. rationale. The root of the Criminal mindset is ignorance. Lack of Self worth and hoplessness. Society must focus on boosting the confidence of the down trodden. Educating the ignorant and restore hope in the forgotten and wretched of the earth. Humbly Submitted Cedric Clerk I will send the 2nd part of my essay soon.

Author: Clerk, Cedric

Author Location: Missouri

Date: August 13, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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