I rewrite you all to bring you a glimpse of my life

Black Cloud



June 2nd, 2016 I rewrite you all to bring you a glimpse of my life at the Southern Ohio Correctional facility. First I must say how imperative it is to say: "There's nothing like a woman's touch." I say that because here at this institution, these c/o's be surrounding every woman that comes through. Yes there are sick people in prison as well as everywhere. However, these c/o's always looking at person's penis to see if he was masturbating on a female is sick. I'm not all that like "bishop don Juan" but I can pop a female like a battle of Cristal. I also realize how some females get they head pumped up or just ain't shit. So I focus on what I want out of life. Not c/o's lookin at a man's penis or puttin on a tuff act when a female is around. Which brings you to the opening of my next subheading. Yes, they have gay male c/o's who try to ebb theirself on others. That is a broad discussion so I will go to the primary points of my life in the lucasville. On may 6th 2016 I was called to the sergeants office. They were about to jump on me off camera and spray me while I was bound in irons. [cuffs and shackles] The prison officials had been doing this for years since 1993 after the riot. However I was told by an officer in that office that I had a loose butt hole. As much as it hurt to keep my mouth closed, I did. Since I'm currently suing officers here I shut up and wrote up the complaint. The inspector here denied my complaint, I'm appealing and assisting others worthy of assistance. I recently gave my complaint answer to another prisoner who is suing the same sergeant who called me to his office. My point is just as these guards get away with beating prisoners off camera. They could easily have raped or killed a prisoner as well as I point out in my illustration of life here at lucasville. This doesn't mention how the c/o's here try to start stuff or play like they tough. They call us cowards because we verbally defend ourselves behind our bars. However, the real cowards beat prisoners while their chained up and charge them with assault. They sat that they tried to offer me mental health treatment here, but heres how I feel treated mentally. I must say fuck the police and I hope these cops here fry like they should of in 93. I feel the same way for all and every person who supports these sick dirtbags and the things they do to us. They jumped on me twice here while I was bound in irons and charged me. I personally can't let these people do this to me and go home at night. Then think that they can come back to work like it's all good? I can't do it nor will I do it. Only time will tell before they get what they lookin for from me! Trouble by the pound and a bank vault full of it. Only time will tell... I sent this to do everything in my dignity to bring these officials behavior to [light and?] a demise. By no means will I go through life and let myself be mistreated or abused. Though I may not tear this place up like "93". If I ever raise hell, I'm not turning back and it will be deliberate and on purpose!!! no turning back. ???

Author: Black Cloud

Author Location: Ohio

Date: June 2, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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