I saw your advertisement in the ARA newsletter

Carr, James



4-8-10 -p.1.- James Carr, NV Hello folks, I saw your advertisement in the ARA newsletter that I get in the mail. To tell you the truth I am surprised this administration doesn’t confiscate the newsletter? I am a fifty five years of age, half Black, one quarter Indian, or Native American, one quarter white inmate at Nevada’s maximum security prison outside of Ely, Nevada. It is a small mining town in the east central part of the state. The prison sets at an elevation of about 6800’ about sea level, so it snows a bit from early October to early May. I am writing because of my past twenty one years of incarceration, I am serving seven life without parole terms running concurrent for property crimes; mostly burglarys. I am out of Las Vegas, Nevada. I was born in Talulah, Louisiana in 1954, I will be 56 in 28 days. I am presently being held in the infirmary, I was placed on suicide watch. This was done because I told the unit senior C/O that I was going to harm myself if they did not move me to another cell. I was trying to move because of neighbors who would do things like pounding on their metal bunks, or toilets for hours, where even ear plugs did not help much. I am being housed in administrative segregation, this is due to my refusing to live in a double cell with inmates who smoke, don’t shower readily, are control freaks p.2. claims that prisoners can not choose their cell mates. So I am housed alone, and kept locked down 23 hrs. a day. Since I have no money, I can not buy a T.V. or radio, I can not work, I got my high school diploma, so I can not take classes. Now as for suicide watch, it is a cell with a camera in it, you have to strip down to boxers and sox; that’s it literally. You get a mattress, and a special blanket, that’s it, and you eat with your fingers until they take you off the watch. The room isn’t padded, it’s has solid steel, and one can run their head into quite a few sharp metal edges. I have no history of mental illness, no history of trying to hurt myself or others. This was done simply because I had to do something to get moved. I am still in the suicide cell after being discharged from it two days ago. For two day, I couldn’t even get a toothbrush. The administration refuses to transfer back to a medium prison, and open yard, with jobs, they refuse to tell me the level of my points. I have been write up free since October 2008, that was a several write up. I will write again, they also took my reading glasses, so I can not write or read too well without them. I am a professional artist, an amateur writer, but I don’t have my property now to show you a sample. God bless you all in your endeavors. Sincerely

Author: Carr, James

Author Location: Nevada

Date: April 8, 2010

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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