I wake up between 2 and 3 A.M.

Ward, Randall S.



1 I wake up between 2 and 3 A.M. I wash my face, brush my teeth and comb my hair. As I wait for drinks (hot chickory and watered down juice) I usually write or read. Once the drinks are passed, I mix a shot of instant coffee with the chickory. This is my pre-workout. I am an inmate at Hutchinson Correctional Facility, Central Unit (max custody) which is located in Hutchinson Kansas. I am currently in segregation in A2 cellhouse, cell 215. My name is Randall S. Ward, K.D.O.C #. I have been in this facility for over five years (December 1, 2014). I want to share my experiences here over the last five years. I will be honest and try to be as accurate as possible in the telling of these experiences. Some (one in particular) of my experiences, I will have to leave out because they're so unbelievable, that you will most certainly write me off as a liar. I am not telling this story to be rewarded (I will most likely be punished), or to get anybody in trouble. Therefore, I will leave out names, and will not be offering proof of any kind. This is an account of my experiences and opinions. The first thing I would like to point out is the cell conditions. They are very small; under regulation size, but have been 'Grandfathered' in as they say. There is also no working ventilation system in the cells. This facility is over 100 years old. There are layers and layers of paint, some I assume, are lead based. We have constant problems with the plumbing. Having no running water all day is a common occurence. While I sip my pre-workout coffee, I tidy up my cell and roll my mat up, so I can stuff it under the back shelf on top of the box that holds my hygiene and books. This leaves the concrete slab, that serves as my bed, open to workout on. I then do burpees and calisthenics until I hear the meals on wheels roll up. Next, I take a bird bath and put on fresh clothes that are considered contraband, put my bed back together and 2 get ready to eat. I know you're thinking clothes? Contraband? What the ...? Let me explain. "Here at Hutch we enforce the petty." A direct quote from a unit team counsellor. A unit team counsellor is s'posed to be in place to help the inmates on their caseload. Now, there are a few that do just that, but I would say about 95% of them are more worried about hindering you and punishing you. I had one UT tell me that he had inmates on his 'payroll' as confidential informants. A story I will tell later. At this facility the 'staff' are always coming up with new and inventive ways to make our lives miserable, and their jobs pointlessly harder. One of the new ones is the laundry in segregation. When you go to seg they confiscate all our whites (boxers, socks). Oh and towels. We are then only allowed to exchange boxers and socks (one for one) at shower time on shower days which we get 3 times a week. We are also provided a shirt. We are allowed to use a towel to dry off with, but not allowed to take back to our rooms. How are you then s'posed to dry your hands and face after washing? I do not follow such petty rules. It is a constant battle. Speaking of plumbing problems... Last night I was laying in bed and I started to smell something funky, so I look around and see that my toilet is bubbling up with dirty water. I see it's gonna overflow, so I hurry up and flush the toilet and snatch my boxes off the floor. In my mad dash to save my boxes of property, a corner of my blanket falls off the bed and is hanging in the water. Im on my knees in my bed and my first reaction is to snatch the blanket out of the water and the wet corner smacks me right in the face. Now Im mad. I proceed to scrub my face with anti-bacterial soap while water continues to pump out of the toilet, across my floor and onto the run creating a water fall (I'm on the second tier). I then yell for the CO to 3 shut my water off and call the plumber. I wait patiently for the plumber to fix the problem. I ask the CO for cleaning supplies and they say to hold on. I wait roughly one hour after asking several times for cleaning supplies. Now Im yelling because nobody will answer me. The CO yells back "We don't know what to do!" So now I lose it, and I yell, "It's common sense, bring me some f****** cleaning supplies. I need a squeegee, a mop, and some bleach, or move me the f*** outta this cell!" I guess common sense ain't so common around here. I've been fighting a "property battle" for the last few years. Everytime my property is handled by the COs, things come up missing. Hygiene, food, fans, sweatpants, shorts, shoes, personal shirts, TVs, radios, stamps, whatever they can get their hands on. Every year they take at least one fan from me which costs $36.00. We have no A/C, so a fan is essential in the summer. It's common to see three or four inmate's fans going full blast in the CO's office. You used to be able to win property claims. Now they find any reason to deny our claims, even when they're clearly negligable. It's a real problem, you can't talk to two inmates without at least one of them (usually both) having the same problem. In July of 2016 I was assaulted by a CO. Here they like to get you in handcuffs and beat on you. The incident was covered up. The cameras only work when an inmate is at fault. In February of 2018 I refused a transfer and two blacksuits and a captain (with a taser) cuffed me up. Once I was in cuffs I was dragged outside (kicking and screaming). At this point they put me on the ground and held me down while they caught their breath. Then they grabbed me under my arms and frog marched me all the way down the sidewalk, around the corner and into A&D. Once they got me in A&D, the captain tased me in the nuts and more blacksuits joined the fun. They then took me to a stripout cage and slammed me on my face. At this point two blacksuits are standing on my legs, 4 and they tell me to stand up or "we'll bust your f****** head". I tell them to get off my legs and I'll stand up. They comply and I stand up. They grab me by the leash attached to the handcuffs and drag me backwards to the beanhole (food port). As they shut the door, three guys are holding the leash while another guy takes one handcuff off. As soon as he does that, the three guys pull on the leash real hard. Now my face is pressed against the cage door and my arm is out the beanhole all the way to my shoulder. One of the guys has his foot on the door for leverage. The other guy manages to get the cuff off before they pull my arm out of socket. One of the blacksuits tells me to strip out. I tell him to come in here and strip me out. He goes in the little office where his buddies are congregating, takes his coat off and grabs two buddies. When they come back they tell me "strip out or we'll beat the s*** outta you." I say, "Im not in the handcuffs anymore, Im ready for round two." They don't want no problems anymore. I was wrote up for three counts of battery for getting dragged around in handcuffs. In February of 2019 I went to the hole for another battery on a CO. I was given 30 days Dseg. After the 30 days was over, I was DSR'd (other security risk) for STG (Security Threat Group) activity, gang activity. They finally admitted that they were a gang. No, Im just kidding. They would never admit that. I was told that they received information that I was involved in gang activity. About a week later me and four of my neighbors were UA'd. We all passed. I was told by the unit team that an inmate on his 'payroll', told him that I was doing and selling meth. I asked him what he meant by his 'payroll' and he admitted to paying inmates (with canteen and electronics) to tell on people. This 'canteen and electronics' are being confiscated from 5 other inmates and used to pay jailhouse snitches. That particular unit team is the only one (that I know of) stupid enough to admit this. He's now an EAI investigator. He even had the audacity to offer me a job. I disrespectfully declined. This is a horrible place, for horrible people, ran by horrible people. It would be a lie to say that there are not some decent people here, on both sides of the spectrum. They are few and far between tho. We are being dehumanized. It's all about job security. If people are so messed up in the head that they can't function in society, they'll come back to prison and feed the machine. The machine has many names, but if you strip away all the B.S. it's simply called Human Trafficking. There are so many cruel twists in a long prison term. One is the feeling of being slowly forgotten by the world & by those you love & need. -John Grisham Criminal intent is not required for federal or state crimes. Lack of knowledge is no defense. There are 60,000,000 statutes & counting. Better learn them all or risk prosecution. Perhaps in another era, a trial was an exercise in the presentation of facts, the search for truth, and the finding of justice. Now a trial is a contest in which one side will win & the other side will lose. Each side expects the other to bend the rules or to cheat, so neither side plays fair. The truth is lost in the melee. -John Grisham KDOC is ran by leeches & bloodsuckers. Theyre goal is to make our time as miserable as possible while sucking every penny possible out of inmates, & thier family & friends. How do you expect inmates to follow your rules when you don't follow your rules.

Author: Ward, Randall S.

Author Location: Kansas

Date: May 9, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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