I want to give the outside society a more in depth account of my history

Alexander, Guy S.



Sept 22 2019 Dear APWA - I want to give the outside society a more in depth account of my history and life... So ones can see were it all began... I was the baby of my family it all began in 1959... Aug 20th... I vaguely remember the two houses we lived in til later I revisited them... I began to show signs of a variety of mishaps at a young age of 2nd grade I was 7 yrs old, at this point it was 1966... Both my parents smoked cigarettes... which I picked up along the way also drugs including smoking pot... it eventually over flowed my schooling I was raised right across the street on 10615 Atwell drive in Houston, TX the elementary school was were my other 3 older siblings went thru before me... So I was placed in Special Ed. Classes even High School... the same H.S. we all graduated from... During my youth I was placed in therapy thru out growing up... I would at times required to go to a doctor who place a cap of which had electrodes and I would be subjected to as they all shock therapy? I did graduate as the school allowed in 1978... I still don’t know how... But it caused me thru out life as now to having mental issues I used to hear voices telling me to do acts of unheard of things I was also born with some abnormalities... Which prevented me advancing into careers... but it never stop me from tryin to do better as I got older... It was possible that when we come into this life we don’t know til later what or were we will end up... in mine I committed the act that put me first on TX death row... I am in now Gen. population but life goes on, I’m on 2 other sites besides APWA... So if anyone has questions or wants to know my life as of now write I do answer all mail... Take care... Guy

Author: Alexander, Guy S.

Author Location: Texas

Date: September 22, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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