I want to make it clear that I strongly oppose this department of in-justice system

Grissom, Reginald



[no title] I want to make it clear that I strongly oppose this Department of "In"-justice system, and I will never let prison make me feel inferior. In here I see so many people without hope. All of their appeals have been denied, and their multiple convictions have them drowning in a sea of guilt, anger, and depression. All of that negative energy stirring in one environment make the penitentiary a very dangerous place. I was an integral part of that confusion, a walking time bomb who use to stab inmates just to see if I could kill them. Life or Death? It was a game to me. Who cares? We're convicted criminals. Then something miraculous happened. While being here in solitary confinement my thinking gradually begun to go through a state of transition. I realized too late that my fight should not be with my fellow brethren. (Now I can never leave this cell and mingle with the rest of the prisoners.) My fight, instead, should be directed toward the judicial arena so I can either be granted an early release or make a way for more alternative measures in the court system. The United States have more people incarcerated than any other nation. That speaks volumes about how this country is governed. Isolate and Punish is NOT the proper solution for every criminal case. There should be more drug treatment options available, military service instead of jail for first time nonviolent offenders, mental health implementation is a prerequisite that should be utilized more frequently in the courtrooms, constructive mentor programs for juvenile offenders and organizations such as the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention could work in conjunction with courts nationwide. The NASP should sponsor a class that would enlighten larceny offenders on the negative impact theft have on stores and society as a whole. That method will be more effective than simply letting the shoplifter rest in jail for a few days. Especially since most shoplifters eventually graduate to burglary. Therefore, the judicial system is to blame for the rising crime rate and jail over crowdedness. All criminals are psychologically unsound. Anyone who intentionally violate the law without having any concern for others, is by all means, mentally unbalanced. (Me, myself, included) And if a judge isolate and punish these caliber of people, and do not offer them any recourse in addressing their inner deviant issues, then the judicial system will and have done them a grave injustice. The flawed Dept of Justice system is the root of recidivism, because if a man do not know better, how can he do better? Incarceration cannot take the place of education. Isn't it better to prepare yourself than to repair yourself? Statistics reveal people who get charged with misdemeanors are more likely to one day be charged with a felony. Thereupon again I shall reiterate, if courtrooms nationwide offer more avenues to corrective behavior, then prisons and jails won't be as full, and it will save taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars every year.

Author: Grissom, Reginald

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: November 7, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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