I want to make this letter long

Moore-Ethridge, Nycole



[no title] 8-27-18 Dear APWA I want make this letter long. I write in hopes you may assist me in the right direction I am currently incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice I am doing a 4 year sentence for theft (stealing clothes out of Dept. stores) Texas parole is sucks! Toward the women. They do not utilize they parole system but the criminal justice always claim they need money. There are women here that have been awaiting 8-12 months to get in a program That is there answer, until you get in your await time is dead time. It is really sad of the suffering we women encounter in this place. I have written to Governor Greg Abbott as well as President Donald Trump. Dealing with the Board of Pardon & Paroles is like playing the lottery here in Texas. The men get out of prison way faster than women. We are the mothers & grandmothers to the kids but we suffer drastically in the Texas Dept. of Corruption. It is so much mental and emotional distress here. How can one continue to rehabilitate when you constantly get DMS, Serve Alls are set off'n? When in fact you have completed what is required of the rehabilitation. There are many women (non violent) with over 50 to 100% of there time done and still you get denied and most have the same denial reasons, The non-violent offenders suffer dramatically. Texas has so many women incarcerated for petty crimes. I pray someone hear my cry as I reach out. Please let me know you all received this letter. Just one word?! Sincerely Nycole Moore F:B Nycole Da Boss

Author: Moore-Ethridge, Nycole

Author Location: Texas

Date: August 27, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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