I was arrested in July 89

Anonomous - Terry



NO TITLE I was arrested in July 89 for the brutal murder of my husband. I had no sense of consequences and did not care about myself or the next person. I was 28 but had the emotional equivalent of a wounded 12 yr old. Where my last abuse took place. I was raised by 2 alcoholic parents who should of never had 6 children. I spent 19 months in county and was sentenced 25 to life for my husband's murder. I instantly went into denial and portrayed myself as a victim. I disassociated myself to survive life in prison. I seen several people get beaten down for drug debts but had to keep my mouth shut so as not to get beaten up myself. I took several vocational classes to have as many job skills as possible. Over the years I watched how attending groups were helping people to change for the better. I too started going to groups and dealing with life on life's terms. It was hard watching others get boxes of clothes and hygiene and food every quarter while I went without. But I knew there was more for me and I wanted it. My family disowned me and all my so called close friends moved away and wanted no part of me. I blended with the other inmates so as not to be noticed. I had friendships with staff that were respectful and very interesting to me. I started watching how the female staff carried themselves and thought, "Why didn't I learn that?" Well for one my family were alcoholic and dysfunctional. They were always fighting amongst themselves so I left home and never looked back. As I got to know how the staff became independent professional women I wanted that. I signed up for college, I'm working on my A.A. I took a alcohol and drug counseling course and passed my state certification with a top score of 81%. I chose to change my life for the better. I asked God to help me and guide me and He became real in my life. That was 2008. Bridges to life helped me. I was found suitable after 26 years and going to a program that will help me with a job and housing so I can be an asset to my community and be an alcohol and drug counselor to continue giving back for all people have given to me. Captain Scott, Ms. Valentine, Ms. Delgado, Mary Mullins, Rose Montgomery, Cheryl Hubble and many more who believed in me when I didn't and who saw potential in me. I thank you and will forever be so grateful to be an example of the power of love. 6-20-15

Author: Anonomous - Terry

Author Location: California

Date: June 20, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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