I was born in 1958

Barraillier, Mario Francisco



NO TITLE I was born in 1958, been down 22 years, I'm not entitled to altruism, and have little hope left. Yet I wonder if you have hope for yourselves. The Cuban missile crisis – seconds away from nuclear war,. Then the longest bloodiest war in Southeast Asia, prejudice, civil rights struggles, riots, assassinations, political crimes in the 60's and 70's, ... were thought to be the darkest days I experienced – I was wrong. This country is in a megalomania crisis that nobody seems to know or care about. There is a crazy instability not only here but abroad. This makes us weak as our adversaries observe. This is serious business and the worse is yet to come, unless a collective full on participation effort to revive the degenerate status quo that's bound to collapse all around you. Humanity demands interaction, wisdom and efficacy. Making a knowing intelligent right choice in the voting process while evaluating its legitimacy with scrutiny is a start in zapping the life back into the country. Not questioning and exposing systems of power with bad intentions is dangerous. Most of my time was spent in solitary lock-up units: with limited choices of books – I took what I could; leaving me without the liberty of academic studies, and with all the time in the world I did my best. With one eye on the worlds panoramic view, and the other within, pondering past, present and future. I recall a beautiful cornucopia bestowing rich fruits to the pristine environment; that is no more. I now see a challenged global population that accelerated in a depleted environment. A tattered overflowing basket of dehydrated putrid fruit while dim-witted flies hover about not knowing what to do. While the saintly-few in number observe and evaluate, sharpening their critical skills are duty bound to recover and preserve, but this "few" just isn't enough. The end game depends on all. The flair for expression was unknown to me, until the muse who believed in what I had to say prompted me to start my book, but as change demands I will write this. – Staring out the window in sorrow and disgust I watched the beautiful terrain of Folsom be smothered in smoke and disappear. The dark smoke came from this awful inferno in nearby "Paradise". The media sensationalized it at first showing the horrors, and acts of kindness. Over 80 people perished, countless livestock, property, infrastructure and town left in a lifeless wasteland of ashes, leaving survivors left with nothing and no-where to go. People desperately drove through monstrous flames fueled by wooded areas leaving them breathless, disintegrated melted tires with nowhere to go. After the interest for drama subsided. The town of paradise was forgotten. After the fire was fully contained, the skies finally decide to cry rain drops. Natural disasters, political disasters exist more than ever. Complacent high crimes in high places are the new plagues sucking the life out of the environment and soul of the country, ... beginning at the White House. Although California's governors, senator and mayor are duty bound to revive the environment mitigating climate change despite resistance. A high stakes spiritual war exists more than ever, individuals are at war with themselves. The environment, political ideals, trade, domination, space, artificial intelligence, and race supremacy. Enter – China's ongoing discipline and determination to dominate technology, global markets by any means necessary. Artificial intelligence is a new tactic entered in their art of war. Racism and war will always exist, but now it reached China, .. striving to be the new superior race. I've been psychologically misdiagnosed and defamed as a mad man by the press, but having vanquished all the demons of the past, I now understand and recognize madness. The super power megalomaniacs are in a dangerous game of "winner takes all." Intimidations and bluffs only go so far, because at some point the moment of truth will come. One should tread lightly around mad men in power, considering emotions on edge. Critical thinkers with a higher order of sensibilities are needed in such times. Disrespect of rule of law, humanity leaves our principals and priorities out of whack – for the world to see as a weakness. The lawlessness, lies, dereliction of duty and cowardice that create internal stress and conflict are obvious. Before making challenges abroad, the home front should be stable, secure, functioning and connected – this isn't the case. The summit of denuclearization negotiations? Who's kidding who? No one trusts each other. Their envy ignorance and hate adds fuel to the fire. If the masses can't see, it's because they choose to overindulge in attractive distractions of social media which devour discipline, reality or purpose. The cravings and compulsions are like the opioid epidemic. The techno elites and CEO's like to keep people stuck on stupid. So peoples priorities principles and realities are distracted, not noticing or caring about the world crumble all around. These avaricious elites put democracy at risk.. violating citizens rights of privacy and security. In the dark web they allowed disasters, terrorism to be conceived and carried out simply by profiteering motives, with no accountability so far. One of these CEO's was investigated in Congress for allowing peoples identities to be stolen and bartered for criminal purposes and allowing Islam extremist terrorist propaganda showing gruesome offensive recruiting tactics. If these high stakes games continue lady luck –will keep 'em winning keeping their monopoly upstream with the claims of "innovation and progress" while they become philanthropist spreading pocket change around as a vested interest that keeps them on top. Artificial intelligence and information access technology has its benefits, and if I had knowledge or access to it, I would use it, but if I can't discipline myself with noteworthy information and not allow myself to get sucked into frivolous amusements, I would have to throw it away. I can't stay stuck on stupid especially in this day and age, when humanity is at the apex of civilization. I have no vested interest in the fate of this planet. Because times are-a-changing, and so long as I live, I wouldn't miss the outcome for anything. On 1/17/19, in amazement I watched Cardi-B express her concerns of the times with intensity: and though she lacks erudition – this young lady's message came out with devoted passion – I have to say "bravo" to her, because she really showed how much she cared. I hope her viewers took her message for what it was worth. It takes certain people to recognize the hidden dimensions of reality and just won't turn a blind eye away from transgressions. The world is full of people attached to their vices and ambitions, .. they don't even look at each other anymore, not even themselves, let alone care about what is real: they're stuck in conscientious exhaustion, moral responsibility, ethics and efficacy is washed down with deceit. – enter, the energy/infrastructure Corporation that is now being sued for starting the Paradise fire; this is a multi-billion dollar class action tort. Thereafter, the Corporation filed for bankruptcy and following that, the CEO walked away with 2.5 million severance pay. This malpractice or dereliction of duty probably could have been avoided, if the ones responsible for the malfunction would have been mindful of their duties rather than being distracted, complacent. Motives of profiteering at all costs even have these ingenious Tech CEO's oblivious to the run-away chaos they started, at the cost of the environment, lives and minds. The content of these devices/smart phones need to be re-examined, because there are few smart users, and accountability for damages duly processed by law! Government is set up by the people to secure their life, liberty and happiness. During these unpredictable scary times, ... where are you? If you surrender to the will imposed by lunatics, ... you will have no right to complain, after that. My pen is the means to escape lifelessness, and still I stand as the candle of hope burned out with pen in hand. On 1/16/19 I was outraged after standing in 3' x 4 cage with a stack of reports, documents in support of my defense for a A-1 violation for battery on a P/O with serious injury, when the Lieutenant – who I had respect and a good amount of faith in casually said she found me guilty. She knew I wasn't: the fact finding process was washed down calling lies truths and truths lies – evidence was disregarded. I felt violated, denied truth and justice. It was such a sad, sad day. This Lieutenant knew I had a "BPH" in January 2022 for possibility of parole. Since 1997, I know I wasn't considered a model inmate – more like public enemy No. 1 because of attempted murder charges on P/O's. In prison I have 8 or 9 batteries on police officers that are all false except one in 2007. Everyone knows that the odds of surviving 22 years after 8 batteries without being killed, maimed or crippled are slim. After the little shred of hope was unjustifiably snatched, I can say, I am not the only one who dreamed of redemption by literary means. While writing my manuscript I decided to tone down my controversial opinionated realities – out of fear; not wanting to piss off the wrong people, but scholarly advice urged me to hold nothing back. Or anything now. I will delve back into this cesspool of reality and report. Jailhouse politics on every level will shock the conscience of a civilized person. This rules violation of battery report was ludicrous and physically impossible full of uncorroborating inconsistencies where the preponderance of evidence should have vindicated me. I was denied automatic disclosure to show relevant causation. It was another big fat cover-up to justify use of "force," but it was straight out "excessive force." For the last year I was going out to court and back to Salinas Valley State Prison for a weapons beef. The district attorney's in Monterey Co. prosecute any felonies while in Prison nowadays because prison population dropped some 15%. The prosecutor wouldn't offer me a plea bargain for almost a year they would offer no deals only 25 to life. Then I spoke up trying to fire my lawyer and ended up with 6 years for a weapon. Now this battery on a P/O at Salinas is much serious and could fetch more life sentences. 2 months ago I received a notice from Salinas District attorney saying they declined prosecution because no jury in their right mind would prosecute me for being strapped in a gurney on my back with hands and leg shackled after having a seizure. The report says I tried to grab the doctor's hand, and when the officer jumped on my chest to restrain my hands, I kicked him in the head with my right foot which was shackled to my left one. The officer was standing on the left side of the gurney. This part is true, because he and another cop flipped me over and held my head down the left side, while I was repeatedly kneed on the right side of my face leaving me unrecognizable. I have 8 day old disfigured pictures headaches with migraines and right-eye blurry till this day. I wrote a complaint right after. I had a investigation with high ranking officers and a video like 2 to 3 months after at CHCF-Stockton. Last year 5/22/18 I have a log # CHCF-B-18-01930 for the complaint for which they haven't responded in over 6 months. Time constraints have been disregarded – in fact ... shit canned. This incident happened on 3/8/18, and once SVSP was on notice of my complaint they wrote me up for battery on a P/O ... and to add melodrama they added serious injury. They went past the time constraints again – over 32 days, which should be 15 days to write me up. Simply because the senior disciplinary officer knew their bogus write up wouldn't fly. 6 times I wrote to different state officials in Sacramento to investigate the denial of redress, but all I get back is unopened return to sender envelopes with yellow stickers saying "Temporarily away – unable to forward." So long as I have to live and die in prison, I won't stop fighting for justice and monetary compensation. Having legal counsel wouldn't be too bad to start off. Hypocrisy, lies, prejudice and cowardness are all repulsive. Supreme Court Justice "Louis Brandais" – 1900 [illegible] said: crime is contagious, if the government becomes the law breakers it breeds contempt for law, every man becomes a law unto himself, it invites anarchy. Look around you home and abroad – these are dangerous times, megalomaniacs playing power and war games. I know you see the lawyers liars and cheats in government and technology who are insanely intoxicated with power. It's gonna take critical thinkers to get out of this. The commander in chiefs mad flared up punch drunk face has officials stressed out and in shambles. The pathetic state of affairs is shamefully funny. ... The commanders current legal council who was once a mayor decades ago, publically put credit in finally putting a end to the Italian mafia with the "RICO" act in his city. Now he defends the boss of bosses running the biggest criminal enterprise the world's ever seen. Personally, I know criminal insanity doesn't end well. This madman doesn't care who he takes down with him. When defeat was close to Hitler's heels, he said: "We will fight to the end; and take half the world with us to the abyss." Hitler's military didn't have nuclear capability at the time. Surrendering your collective unconsciousness can prove to be your undoing. With all due respect and the unknown love I have for this country I leave you with this. Mario Barraillier 1/20/19

Author: Barraillier, Mario Francisco

Author Location: California

Date: April 1, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 11 pages

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