I was born January 23rd, 1993

Watson, Kevin



NO TITLE I was born January 23rd, 1993 in Chicago, Illinois on the southeast side to a crack addict and a alcoholic. I grew up in Chicago's 2nd worse neighborhood-Woodlawn. I was raised by my grandmother who if it wasn't for her genuity and concern I would have been in foster care and wouldn't have the benefit of knowing a 8th of my family. To be quite honest I don't know if it is a benefit of knowing my family because the majority of family members I know don't seem to care. Selfish, addicts, alcoholics, and overall dysfunctional. In elementary school I succeeded in my class earning me recognition to receive a Presidential award by then president George Bush. Once I made it to 4th grade I was introduced to the lifestyle of my impoverished community-one of the biggest street organizations in the country. Since that tender era of 4th grade my reign of being a innocent kid plummeted because I entered a different academy-The school of the street. As a mature man I think in retrospect and acknowledge that I let negative influences to succumb my thinking and allowed my peers to lead me down a path of folly and falsehood. As a man of my decorum and stature now I acknowledge and take accountability for what I do wrong and right also. You have to judge a man by his character and principles and nothing else but experience forms your character but morale. Although I had the potential to become and do whatever I put my mind to I squandered that capacity and utilized it in unrighteous endeavors. So I barely passed the 8th grade because I tried to entertain my peers by being a class clown. It's ironic that in my adolescent years I strived to become a class clown but where I"m currently held captive someone at just merely calling someone a clown can get you injured...Seriously. I passed the 8th grade but I didn't participate in any graduation ceremonies. A moment of my life where I couldn't make a fond memory out of that special time. I was enrolled into high school where I appreciated the experience but didn't take full advantage of it due to my issues as a young, black male trying to fit in. I inevitably missed semesters and vital opportunities that nostalgia couldn't define. At a immature age of 15 yrs old I was suspected and arrested for shooting and killing another young black teen due to a alleged gang rivalry which it is wholly lacking substantial evidence to prove I killed him and strong evidence weighs to the contrary. I was convicted for the murder of the teen despite exculpatory evidence indicating otherwise and sentenced to 60 years in a adult penitentiary where role models and opportunities to restore you to citizenship and rehabilitate you are foreign and zero to none. Violence and harsh comments become reality and daily. This environment dehumanizes and emasculates men of all colors because the conditions are just that brutal and horrid. It influences weak minded people to become decadent meaning morally corrupt and convert into uncivilized people. I don't discriminate against homosexuality although I wont indulge in it there are perverted people that make sadistic sexual advances to the same sex. Some C/O's abuse the authority embedded upon them by acting out racist values which causes them to make a mockery out of racial stigmas and utter racial slurs. I have been physically assaulted by C/O's and sexually harassed by C/O's. I want the world to ponder this question. Would you want your kid to be here enduring this pain if he were a victim of a blatant miscarriage of justice? Despite the harsh reality of being in a adult prison my plights for growth and development is a gateway out of the perimeters of these institution fences. My culture "The Five Percenters" encourages me to excel in all aspects of life. I have obtained a high school diploma and working of many more certificates to rehabilitate myself despite the prison's lack of providing resources. I enjoy reading with a strong passion. If any one is interested in investing their time and resource into the overall development of me it would be highly appreciated and taken advantage of. You would not be disappointed or dissatisfied with my ambition. My information is Kevin Watson PO Box 1000 Menard, Illinois 62259. Peace be unto you.

Author: Watson, Kevin

Author Location: Illinois

Date: April 28, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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