I was convicted with 2 aggravated assaults

White, Eric Dewayne



I was convicted with 2 aggravated assaults 1 attempted sexual assault 1 aggravated kidnapping. I’m African American I was convicted by an all white jury and given my time by an all white jury also, which is unconstitutional under Batson v. Kentucky. I’m a first time offender given 60 years. With no support. Yes I tried to rob someone but didn’t and since I actually didn’t, since I was a man and a woman involved say the reason was to try to rape the woman which also didn’t happen. I snapped and fled the whole scene only getting into a fight with them. A fight basically. I was an all American football star headed to play ball. The officers didn’t like the women I dated or the people I hung out with so they told me if they ever catch me doing anything they will lie and mess me over to get me. No arrest warrant, no search and seizure warrant. Photo line-up ran in the victims front yard. I don’t deserve to be put away for life. I just got to get this out. Thank you. We all know that this country locks up to many people and gives out to much time. Mainly Texas. Why isn’t there some kind of representation for not just innocent but ones with constitutional errors. Or any kind of error. Okay you may have to be a little picky. Lets say constitutional errors then. If it is let me know. I was tried and convicted by an all white jury. I’m African American. I was also given 60 years for a 1st time offender. This illegal under Batson v. Kentucky. The reason this country is so out of control is cause of the fathers. Not being able to led and guide our children properly. There are a bunch of males. Not too many real men, in here. We’re given so much time. When you finally find yourself in here and become a real man. Its to late cause your kids are to far gone to help. You have to show someone not talk about it. I believe some of us are held in here so we can’t produce God fearing children. Which is another topic. A real man has his priorities and responsibilities in order. With a solid foundation and that’s in Jesus Christ.

Author: White, Eric Dewayne

Author Location: Texas

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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