I was remanded to high security

Morrison, Arthur R.



Arthur Roy Morrison Amarillo TX I was remanded to High Security (24 hour lock up supposed to be 23) which is for the world's refuse mentally ill dementia derelicts housed with degenerate Jack Monster masterbators, jacking on anything morn noon night peeping out a pair of 3" window slots standing atop the toilet by the auto sliding cell door's for fighting a child molester and contraband, a couple shank's (the arms of my glasses, the 1/8" piece of metal making them dangerous, is called lenge)- After being released from the spiritless sterile solitary (15) day without sheets blankets mattress one learns that BC Unit loves and dotes over their baby rapers! My first cellie was all the above with an added attribute filthy the amoniafacation wafting permeating the cell for wanton lack of hygenal prowess (soap + water) caused me will-o-the-wisp hallucinations. What was so vile and vexing was the knowledge that Filthy had showed me how to jerry rig the sink jabbing a pen cap with housing into the orifice whilst jamming a razor cap into the hot water button sending a 1/4" stream of water skyward having a shower anytime! Filthy being assigned top bunk would not take his meds, instead would peer down at me trying to maintain some vestige of sanity and sleep, babbling and jabbering hour after hour day after day week after week hearing the voices - from his cocoonic state, the only reprieve was the mandatory masturbation that was slept in; till the cell was infested with roaches breeding in the 12 volt auto locking housing crawling over me to get to the jizz stink putrification aromatic amoniafacation engulfing the cell, that maintenance upon my specific request doubled the dose of insecticide in the locking housing. That the roaches shook off like a wet dog, doubled in size as they were now on a genetically modified jizz mission. Pill Nurse o Pill Nurse; this was the worst! The worst! and most potentially deadly situation, twice daily as if by some divine intervention ESP Filthy would know of Nurse's arrival arise from his cocoonic goo, lie in wait, for girl or grannie, skinny minnie to supersized sloth, it mattered not! Prepped the cell by hanging a blanket off the vent then tied off to the handle to aid in climbing onto top bunk (often used in asphyxiation) splitting the cell in half diagonally. Greased and geared the mandatory mania begins sound effects exasperate, ever positioning the askew view, Pill Nurse arrives Filthy darts behind the partition so as to not catch a disciplinary case, the food slot opens roaches scurry having been feasting on yesterday's mandatory vile. The pungent putric aromatic engulfs Nurse and Guard the meds in white dispensing cup are thrown into the food slot on the floor where today's mandatory lies. The food slot is instantly slammed trying to contain the stench where at Nurse (whom I've known for years) gives me an askance of utter disgust trying not to vomit. O god! O god! I; I; want to kill just kill make it stop just stop; this is the very reason I was wrongfully classified and housed and fully realized why he had gotten his head beat in with a lock in a sock that he was suing prison officials for violating his civil rights by not protecting him whilst perpetrating the mandatory, that I've coined this poem. Ah! Ah! if not for twisted fate begotten in foreswear hate. Brandished behind brigs gate. Squabbling for dignity with dementia, derelicts and degenerates languishing and suffering the Hole. With catatonic Greys [1] lusting for control to breach and break the soul. Demonized and dehumanized to sublaystall [2] where on Spiritual says confess. Confess! ... Confess! I confess to dedon laystall and spiritual casting about in the machinated [3] morose mess. Bang big brown beautiful eyes pierced the sty gian [4] in a spontaneous sub rosa [5] magnetic magical moment quelling Sturm und Drang [6]. Soothed and suppled was I in surprise of this voluptuous velvet visual caressing cajoling bosoms core slacking dehumanizing pang. Manna O manna I cried! No! Verbotten! Verbotten! you rotten forgotten refuse. Suffer! You shall suffer abhorrent abuse! Ah! [1] Catatonic grey's; Brain dead guards as they wore grey. [2] Sublaystall; A word I invented by combining sub from (poet John Donne 1572-1631) "A valediction forbidding mourning," Dull sublunary lovers eg. under the moon. Laystall from (poet Ben Jonson 1573-1637) "Ask not to know this man," the laystall of putrid flesh alive! is dung heap, under the shit [3] Machinate; Machiavellian, of or relating to political doctrine of Machiavelli which holds that craft and deceit are justified in pursuing and maintaining political power, subterfuge sophistry casuistry [4] Stygian, of or relating to the river styx, extremely dark gloomy or forbidding [5] Sub rosa, Secretive [6] Sturm und Drang; storm and stress drama by [Friedrich von Klinger 1851 Ger. novelist and dramatist] I've served my sentence in the Hell Hole and upgraded to general population and saw Filthy working in chow hall cooking and serving. Respectfully Tendered Arthur Roy Morrison BC Unit Amarillo, TX 79107

Author: Morrison, Arthur R.

Author Location: Texas

Date: February 16, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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