I will not be silenced

Mason-Evans, Janice



...I will not be silenced... No! I will not accept your verbal abuse And loose use of profanity toward me A Black and Indian queen A mommy, a wife. I will not ignore your smirk, when you write me up for deciding not to fight. I will not crumble under pressure Join along with my long gone predecessors Allow for you “the enemy” of all Incarcerated friends to me – choose my battles Raise your voice to hurd shatter souled Women, to their bunk like hungry cattle. I will remain on my Janice Mandela, I will refrain from eating raw chicken seasoned by salmonella. I will count my blessings for the fact that I do get to go back home! I will rise in society as a woman of power in my throne. I will spread my honey to all of the other Incarcerated drones I will do my time and not complain, the Titanium spine that I possess is not in vain. I know “no shame,” embrace all ill fame that I deserve. You will read my poetry and fill your mind with Encouragement. Utilize your literature as – Incarcerated nourishment. Breathe slow & easy and be grateful for Each breath Because you are able to read this poetry Which means, you are one of the queens or kings Who are still hoping for a release To whoever and whatever you have left. Left behind after years, months and days of Sweat and tears Blood shed, flower beds graced by fragile Remains We lost our chance to pay respect, but we never Lost our chance to change. I am a proud mother of 6 children. I have 2 boys and 4 girls. Two of my daughters are stepchildren. My time spent away from family has taken an enormous toll on their behaviors and comfortability. Being with me every single day of life, to suddenly not physically see me for over a year is traumatic my time is almost over here and I need to be home with my family. I also took accountability for my crime and made sure that my husband was released. He was unaware of my gun. So I stood up for him and for myself, by being real and taking the fall. Being responsible and reliable is a part of adulthood I could have easily lied on him, or allowed for him to take the charges. But a “real woman” can stand on her two feet and stand tall even if she has to stand alone. Here in San Francisco County Jail, I’ve watched some unethical, unacceptable police misconduct transpire. From sexual harassment between deputy & inmate to “personal relationship,” nepotism and Internal Affair corruption. I have grown to have NO respect for the deputies here. It disgust me how they lie, manipulate and chastize inmates for their sick entertainment. I personally will not allow for them to get away with what they did to me. I’m filing a civil lawsuit for sexual harassment and a lawsuit against the city for employing these sadistic, perverted, gang banger mentality having individuals. Then they laugh at you and tell you that “I’m in a union” so you can’t get me fired! I can sue you for your hard earned money and be compensated for my humiliation, and fear for my life though. I will and I will set the standard for all other inmates who have accepted this behavior for too long. I met an inmate whose boyfriend was arrested, booked downstairs and had knowingly swallowed his “narcotics” to evade prosecution. Once he kept tapping on the door, vomitting and asking for medical assistance... the deputized staff laughed & ignored his plea. He collapsed on the intake cell floor and died downstairs! The police officers came and placed his dead body in the cop car and attempted to transport him to General Hospital, and once they arrived. The hospital denied them. Stating that they must return his corpse to the place of death until the coroner arrived! The family now has a law suit, and as an inmate here I am terrified that I too could be murdered and have it covered up to look like a suicide. Please print this story and advise all inmates to beware of San Francisco Jails and the law enforcement here. They are a gang! Pray for us! Mrs. J.M.E.

Author: Mason-Evans, Janice

Author Location: California

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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