I would like to send my regards

Bueno, Fidel, Jr. III



April/7/2016 Dear (American Prison Writing Archive), I would like to send my regards to you all and to those this may concern. My name is (Fidel), and a friend shared about your website. I've been incarcerated since July 5th/02, and just recently I got blessed and was given an early parole date. I qualified for the new Senate Bill 261, due to me getting arrested before the age of 23 yrs old. I'm currently housed at Pleasant Valley State Prison...before this term/sentence, I stayed out in San Diego California. Where I was born & raised, I was born in (1979) at Grossmont, Hospital. I grow up in the community of (Lomita Village). I use to be involved in a gang and the first time I got locked up was at the age of (15). I had to do seven years and two months, for stabbing a rival gang member at a high school (Mount Miguel). In (1995) February 27. And you can say I was intrenched and trying to prove myself. It took many years to grow up and discipline my way of thinking. I had certain qualities and gifts. But, didn't notice them until later on in my life. (I can honestly say, you can be a good person but do negative thing's). Since I been incarcerated this time around, I learned that what ever you put out there in the air, will come back, either if it is bad or good. And I have learned that off hand. When I was younger growing up in the California Youth Authority, I learned about rehabilitation, and soaked up many different, tools balance myself to be a better human being in society. But, it didn't register until I matured, and really felt the need for change. I'm sort of state raised and I'm breaking myself, from being institutionalized. I recently enrolled in (NA, AA, and Gang Member's Anonymous). I also got my G.E.D. and going to start college this month, of April. I've been trying to prepare myself, with the programs I'm currently taking so I can have social skills and help others in the same situation as me. I have to adjust to society when I get out, and after being locked up 14-15 years, it's not going to be easy paroling to another life style, when I'm use to being supported by the state, being in prison is very easy to adjust to, you have 3 meals, a bed and are provided certain toiletries to live on a daily basis, each year, you know your going to eat and have a bed to sleep on, from being sheltered to having to work and earn a decent living, is going to be a difficult change. I've been doing this jail stuff since 15 yrs of age, and I'm very use to it. But like anything, you will have to go with the flow and move forward for open doors and great opportunities. I can only share what I know and experienced, I had to dig deep and reconize my past behavior with (gang activity). You have to really get in touch with an higher power. In order to completely change criminal behavior, I myself follow the Red Road, and am a part of the (Red Rail Lodge), I had my choice's and ups and down's, just like anyone else who struggle's and straddles the fence between right and wrong. At the moment I'm in the process of writing a (autobiography), so wish me luck. I feel I can tough another persons heart. Out their on the side, a lot of people suffer from depression and many are imprisoned mentally. I figured I would share my story with those who need it most. Who better to touch basis, than the person who lived and experienced, first hand. All most of us need, is an ear. A few minutes of a persons time can heal and make wonders. Medication, is not a solution. I'm surrounded by inmate's who depend on a pill to cope with reality, do to many of them on the outside abusing drugs. I feel if I were their voice someone would hear? I would like to thank you for your time, with love and respect Fidel Bueno

Author: Bueno, Fidel, Jr. III

Author Location: California

Date: April 7, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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