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Ardie, Danyelle Eugene



6.25.18 A.P.W.A., I would like to write to you about TDCJ's administrative segregation (Ad Seg) housing. The information I'm about to share with you is true, taken from my experiences, doing time on the Polunsky Unit. First, in general population, but for the last four years and eight months, in (Ad Seg). A.P.W.A., Administrative segregation is designed to break you. To break your will and to crush your spirits. Administrative segregation is designed to correct ones' behavior by gaining control of ones' mind (officer's & offender's) through psychological spiritual warfare tactics, and it operates just like a cult... Therefore, anyone who does not submit to it's influences (system) is recognized as an outsider (enemy). The offenders are tortured and the officers who do not comply are fired... I've studied (Ad Seg) in and out, and it's system is evil & cruel. If hell was manifested in our physical world, administrative segregation would be the heart of its domain... You see, I'm a righteous man (not perfect), but righteous. So Jesus rules my mind and my heart. They don't have any control over me outside of (witchcraft). Yet this is how I discerned the heart of their system. My character is governed by righteousness, but instead of me gaining respect for my positive aura (by the prison officials), I'm despised... Yet my peers who are influenced by wicked intentions, are praised and admired by the prison officials. Because they share the same motives (evil), they share the same mind (wicked officers, wicked offender's) Just like a cult.... They know their own and they take care of their own. Inasmuch, once they realized that I was grounded in my Christian belief, they poured on the psychological spiritual warfare. To gain control of my mind. Yet to no avail... They manipulated my in coming and out going mail. To cripple family relations and to stop me from making any new connections. Which keeps me under psychological, social, and financial pressure... However, I arrived on this Unit (Polunsky) in March of 2011. I was sent over here from (Ad Seg) on another unit... Now upon my release back into general population, I thought that the troubles of (Ad Seg) was behind me and that normal prison life would be restored to me. But that was not the case. The psychological spiritual warfare continued, and my mail was still manipulated. I was being targeted by a satanic cult like system. I was (am) an outsider, their enemy... Nonetheless, I endured their attacks for two and half years, but under the consistent pressure, I fell short at one of my moments of weakness. Which got me in an altercation with two officer's (Sgt. Wiley & Officer Moriarity). Therefore, I was on my way back to Ad Seg. Now in that altercation, officer Moriarity pepper sprayed me. So after it was over I was taken from X pod, 19 dorm, dayroom, to the infirmary (for an examination). Then I was ushered to 11 building. Once I was on 11 building I was placed in the shower for a minute, to let the pepper spray spread. After the officer's got a laugh off that, I was taken to 43 cell and placed in it with no furnishings. In just my boxers and socks. And it was cold... Nevertheless, upon entering that cell, I placed my arms in the slot so Stg. Will could take off the cuffs. But first he bent my arms up against the bars (upward) as if trying to break them. So I told him to do it... He declined, but sprayed my cell with the pepper spray. Anyhow, they didn't feed me for two days. It would have been for longer it I didn't put the (OGI) in my business. They didn't give me a mattress, no blanket, no sheets, no jumper, no nothing. So I slept balled up on the cold floor, covered in pepper spray... The next day I talked with Major Hutto who told me this. "You did your thang, now we're going to do ours." Upon hearing those words, in my mind I was like; clown, are you serious? You've been doing me in since I've been on the Unit. I never received a fair chance to be productive." A.P.W.A., I was placed in Administrative Segregation (Ad Seg) on 10-15-13, and upon entry (into (Ad Seg) I was first taken to talk to the night shift Lieutenant. A Black dude who's name I never got. He said, "you know we're going to get you, huh?" Nevertheless, after that enter action I was taken to E-pod, 83 cell. Once again, with no mattress, sheets, blanket, jumper, socks, toilet, etc. And I slept balled up on the floor for another two days... Then to top it off, they shock me down every hour for twelve hours straight. The situation was so intense, I asked Sgt. Couch to let me file a life endangerment against the officer's. He said, "Yeah, if you take the gas (pepper spray) first!" I started to spit in that girls face and give them what they wanted (an unfair fight). Just like cowards... Anyhow, after that I received to bogus major cases. The officers lied on me... Also they did not let me shower for eight days, even though I still had the pepper spray on my body. Now does that sound like they were trying to correct me or break (torture & beat me up)? However, those incidents occurred within my first week of being housed in the Polunsky Unit's Ad Seg. But guess what? I'm just four months short of having five years in the same environment. Under the same psychological spiritual warfare. Day in and day out, faithfully... Yet I refuse to give in to their cruelty and abuse of authority. so I've been putting forth the efford to better my situation and not fall victim to spending the rest of my life in prison... In which, on 9.12.16, I wrote on I-60 request to the director of the Polunsky Unit's Classification, (Mr. M. Duff), and these are the exact words I wrote to him: Mr. M. Duff, I have a staff assault against (Sgt. Wiley & Sgt. Moriarity), in which, I was convicted, and received extra time (two years) added to my sentence. However, these officer's are putting me through hell back here for the offense committed against their co-workers. No matter how much progress I make I continue to be labeled the bad guy, because they want to see me hurt and destroyed. And that's not right, I've paid for my mistake. Therefore, I'm asking for a transfer so I can do my time without officer's constantly gunning for me. Thank you for your time and understanding. Inasmuch, I didn't receive an answer from that request So on 9.22.16, I wrote a grievance about the situation, but that grievance has never been returned to me. They must have destroyed it, (yet I still have the ruff draft in my possession). Now peep this... In this environment administration knows everyone's character. They know what you like to eat. They know the types of people you like to socialize with. They know when you use the toilet... Which means, they can make each sections atmosphere be whatever they would like to to be... So in the month of February 2017, administration set me up. They put this racist offender (Jordan Lewis) in the cell next to mine, and I did everything I could to avoid communicating with him, because I recognized the negativity in his character, and administration capitalized on that character just like they planned to do. Lieutenant Farris came to Jordan Lewis' cell door and said: Someone sent us an I-60 request stating that on commissary day you are going to make some wine, get drunk, and then hang yourself. Now as soon as she left the pod, he said "80 cell snitched on me!"And from that day onward I was addressed by him as snitch and nigga this and nigga that... Then one day as he was being escorted from recreation (officer B. Metten) stopped him on the opposite side of my door (far away from his cell) so that we were face to face. And before I knew it, I had spit in his face... Administration had set me up and all my progress was flushed down the drain. My three years without a disciplinary case, my line class (S4), and my level one. But peep this. When I was escorted to a down graded level pod Officer Moriarity who was Sgt. Moriarity then, the same officer I'm in Ad Seg for, was in the hall to greet me with a big smile which expressed these words (Yeah, we set you up. Do something about it.) Psychological warfare at its best. Still trying to pepper spray me and beat me up... Nonetheless, I didn't let that lost stop my upright character. Even though it would prolong my being placed back into general population, and get away from the hate of this cult (wanna-be-gangster) officer's. So I contacted the Mental Health Manager (Ms. Nina Foster). To see if she could provide me with the means to transfer to another unit until I can get out of Ad Seg. This is the beginning of the letter I wrote to her: They (Administrative Segregation) claims that I have a problem with anger. However, I'm claiming that the only problem I have with anger is the anger they create within me, through consistent psychological spiritual warfare tactics. Nevertheless, under such extreme conditions (harassment) I was able to bear the anguish for over three years before I took a fall, and me falling is why I've decided to write to you. Because I'm trying to progress, not fail... Ms. N. Foster, I've watched administrative segregation set me up for failure with these psychological tactics, trying to prove me to be something I'm not (an animal), and it's not right. You see, the games they play are very effective, having a cause & effect, and the bad part is that they can apply these tactics in an individuals life until that individual is weak and unfocused, which leaves him no choice but to comply to their cruelty. Nonetheless, that is an abuse of authority on their part. Because it doesn't take three and a half years of psychological spiritual warfare tactics for an offender to reveal to you the type of man he is, (violent, mental health disorder, or overly aggressive). The slightest infraction will produce one of the three results very quick, and administrative segregation understands that. Yet they continue to torture us because this is how they get their trills. However, I'm not here for their entertainment... Nevertheless, the Mental Health Department couldn't be of any help to me without my willingness to be put on the case load and medication. Now listen... article after article has been written (all over the American nation) about the declining effect administrative segregation has on one's mental health (mind). I've shown you some of the reasons why. Cult organized, wicked officer's seeking revenge (outside of the rules and prison regulations,) to much time spent in isolation, not enough social connections (or the wrong ones), not enough financial support. And to top things off, there's the spiritual (witchcraft) side of Ad Seg which is the real threat... Yet it's so complicated I can't even begin to tell you about it. Because you wouldn't understand it. It's just something you have to experience yourself... Inasmuch, my only solution concerning administrative segregation (Ad. Seg) is this. To give each one of those security threat groups (STG's) their own unit's according to their gang affiliation. Then to completely do away with administrative segregation. Because Ad Seg is a cruel punishment and it if doesn't destroy you, it will definitely leave you with some mental scars you may never recover from... Well A.P.W.A., please share is essay with President Trump and the TDCJ prison director also. I hope I've shined some light on the American prison system for you. God bless you... A Point of Light, Bishop Damyelle Eugene Ardie

Author: Ardie, Danyelle Eugene

Author Location: Texas

Date: June 25, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 12 pages

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