I wrote to you all while I was in Corcoran

Carabajal, Ray Morin Fuentes



06/20/17 Hello Sir or Madam: I wrote to U-All while I was in Corcoran: I have new lockup orders headed toward Corcoran same address I received your letter from 05/02/2017 No person can trust another inmate in prison: I had this guy type up my stories: he wrote it his way not mine: I don't know how to put commas & right now I don't have my dictionary to spell words: Question? Do you guys fix gramer writing as I write it my way? I'm only guessing where to put . this or this ? Do u correct the essay story in spelling & all the ? ! " , . Things needed to print it on the internet ... The story about prison life will wake people up and they will know the real life drama: It will have u all on your toes. If this is a contest to show penmanship of my writing skills: sorry I'm not educated. My life story is about a father who didn't know how to read or write. My mother had the brains she filled out his job applications and he would use his god gifted talent to do the work. His father was the same and I ended up with the same brain they have. 3 older brother G.E.D.s. Me nothing. Two younger brother's G.E.D.'s and one sister G.E.D. All got my mother's brain diplomas and I was written and foretold to be in prison. Why and for what purpose: 1994 up to 2005 in prison God revealed himself to me: After committing a homosexual act god saw what Lucifer did to deceive me. And when Lucifer saw God wanted to help me get out of there, Lucifer sent his followers to murder me. But remember God's writing all we do & say. So I lived to see another day. We don't know what's ahead of us: everyday is a surprise. It's like if a CO didn't get laid his attitude toward us is evil and whoever is in his path or hers watch out. Life has changed for some of us. Three strikes you're out. 25 to life. Never to see the street literally. But now the future is coming. There a lot of people in prisons want pay back fro the stupid things these CO's have done to us. I've been down 24 years now. Three more to go. I've had it, done it and did it. I'm to the point not even me you can trust. I'm busted and couldn't be trusted. Guilty as charged. 26 years 8 months under the 5/8 law. No half time no good time. I'm doing 27 years straight 07/19/2020. 60 years old. But what the courts didn't know I picked a dirty women who only used me to put a "roof" over her head and after I put the [rented?] house she came home with a hicky on her neck. She kicked me out when I told her, why you doing this. She did say it in court. "I did it to piss him off." That saved me from 25 to life. I got two strikes. We do learn a great deal. She was also told by her second cousin I left her for her third cousin. It's a small world. I didn't even know they were related. And to top it off my brother's wife is their first cousin related to both of these girls and she threaten my brother, "I'll take my kids and leave you if you don't cut off 'Ray.'" 2003 I got a "Dear John" letter and out of all this it wasn't worth 'picking' up a screw driver but the angel of god over shadowed my body and made sure I didn't murder them. Little flesh deep cuts on her head and the guy she was cheating on me. How sick she was. I moved her from a garage living. She literally told him let me go get us a house so we can live. And I was her ticket to get her children back. 13 and 5 daughter. 8-10 boys. Drugs will make us do stupid things and I was the sucker to fall in love. No one else's fault but mine. We choose our own destiny. It will never happen again. There's danger ahead for all CDCR in all California state prisons. Yes the future of what I've heard in all the California prison I've been to. I heard what the future is bring 2021 CDCR better be capping their weapons wherever they go. The gangs are to begin murdering them at their homes and make it look like a robbery and collect their weapons through them. We need to pray this doesn't happen. A wake up call is noted. Well time to let you all go. Pen pal needed. Homeless jack of all trades looking for outskirts living. Any one needing a handy man write to Ray Carabajal Corcoran. Bye.

Author: Carabajal, Ray Morin Fuentes

Author Location: California

Date: June 20, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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