Ignorance-profiteering: A personal reflections essay

Jackson, Aziim Hadii



A personal Reflections Essay Pg 1 "Ignorance, - Profiteering" Introduction: It's long been my heartfelt feeling's, that the majority of the "Get tough on crime bills"; passed throughout the Early 1980's, By various political figures and President's, starting in the late 80's with the "Reagans" and spaning up into the 2000's. Have all been promoted as tuffer and longer prison-sentence's for "violent criminal's" and "violent repeat offender's" When in fact these "catchall phrases, played upon the fear and ignorance of the masses I.E. General Public to achieve a hidden profiteering scheme that included "mandatory sentencing" for "non-violent" crimes also, and for all states who took part there was federal funding available. Which in turn made federal funds available for State Police, Highway Patrol's City Police, Drug taskforce and DEA Agencies yet all who recieved these federal monies, had to account for it in the form of documented arrest and convictions records. To continue getting these funds each year more and more arrest must be made and thus started the grafted process of ignoring the rights of public citizen's mainly the poor cont and ignorant. I'm currently on my last 8 months of a 7 year sentence, inwhich I had to serve 85% equaling 5 years and 11 months before I can be released to Community Supervision to serve the remaining 15% totaling 1 year 1 month "parole" deemed "Community Supervision". Which will be voided or over riden by my 2nd crime of shoplifting in which I was give "3 years probation". Yet I didn't qualify for probation on the non-dangerous Class 4 "possession of a forgery device" or Instrument" which carries a sentence of Probation or 1.5 years to 4 years for a "first time offender". In my case being "Prior-Convicted Felon" who had been out of prison 2 1/2 years before these two crime were committed I did not qualify for probation on the check charge. That got me sentenced to 7 years, while the prosecutor recommend 10.5 for a check totaling $750.00 that never got cashed. Thats right, no prior violent crimes, "seven hundred and fifty dollars" this is here in the state of Arizona where I'm born and raised. Pg 2 The ironic part is that the presentence reporter who never spoke to me recommend a sentence 8.5 years in prison, and had the nerve to state in her report submitted to the Judge "The offender is no stranger to crime and it seems his criminal activities are escalating in nature". My prior crimes are "Class 2" felony "low level sales" or "conspiracy to sales" amounting $10.00 on the sales and $20.00 on the conspiracy, the conspiracy committed back in 2006, the sales back in 2001. Yet, what really made me know this wasnt about the criminal acts and truly about the money or profits being made from my being sentenced to prison with probation after in a "Plea-Bargain". The Judge and I quoate stated to me before passing sentencing. "Mr......" had you cashed some checks totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars and had money for a good lawyer, I'd probably be sentencing you to some federal Camp Snoopy Prison giving you 2 or 3 years", "but since you didn't and obviously don't have any money for counsel; Im inclined to give you the 6 year "Sentence you ask me for being that there was no violence, the check never got cashed and the amount shoplifted was under $324.00 which technically is a misdemeanor amount" but If I give you a six year sentence? When your last sentence was 7 years." "That prosecutor right there, (and he pointed at her) will report me to the Judiciary Committee as being soft on sentencing" so I have no choice but to sentence you to 7 year in the Dept of Correction's". This is all true facts, Ive used my writer name to protect my self from political or future proscutorial perscutions. All this along with reading "Michelle" Alexander's" book "The New Jim Crow" has cause me to share my long time suspicions; in which her book confirms with documents, fact, and stat's. That our current "Criminal Justice Systems", and those passing laws or upholding appellant law in case's of rights being trampeled for "Justice Profits" is clearly profiteering off the general publics ignorance to the law and this is all by design and grafted in favor of those profit from it under the guise of fighting violent crime & major drug crime for public safety and protection Pg 3 mean the pharmaceutical company, resposible for heavily promoting opioid and fentanyl perscription (mind you pay incentives for doctors to prescribe) this highly addictive drug; which inturn has killed thousands by overdose, ruin families by means of addiction problem's. Got to settle outa court with the Justice department and not one of the owners or Top Position Holders did a day in jail, that was on your public news. So layen here on my bunk watching T.V., these thoughts come to me at 9:31 PM 8/24/2020 A good reason that Constitution law and your state's individual laws along with an unbiased Introductory Course in "political science are not highschool requirements for graduation?, Let alone offered as elective credits while writing essays on "Moby Dick" and "Lord of the Flies" are? I believe is thus in my written opinion of reflection below. In this essay format. Pg I Ignorance-Profiteering begins and exist. When you as a citizen of your country truly don't know what was the "Original Law's" all rights, or protections they were made and passed to afford and guarantee to you federally and locally as a citizen of your state or country. Yet, those who do know, sitting in position of politicalpower? Who we elected to represent you the regular citizen and those right of law. Can change, modify, alter, add too and rewrite in an outright means justifying their violations and even rule against their validity or relavance into day times in order to gain, generate, and create a profitable market arena by our original ignorance too and about the law. By the time your an adult graduated highschool, finish college and do encounter the law from the wrong side, for what ever reason? You realize even in your ignorance something is truly not in accordance with logical-reasonableness as to how its being applied especially as a Black American or cont any other poor unfortunate soul and you have no legal standing's with those in power to carryout and enforce the laws federally or locally in your state. As you witness denial of due process systematically that impede if not trampel your rights of defense or presenting a sound defendable case before the courts, all in the name of corporate profits, which youll also find by dillagently researching given the opportunity, that many federal and state entities, economic sectors of business and individuals profit from; earning a living along with earning billions off the continually abridged rights we are suppose to be afforded an protected by. Inwhich the siding in rulings & opinions with the exploiters of so called "Gray Area's" and our general ignorance of the law for greeds sake. Has made those in positions of power to change an uphold the true means of protections, these laws that were put in place to protect the average or poor citizen from? Have become obligated and beholden to the legalized justifications, opinions, biased interpretation of the law in big monie's favor, and outright stand adversly to our freedoms unless a price is paid in some means. Pg II This socalled political and judicial power holder's, willnt risk the career ending ramifications of the "parasidical exploitive greedy-conglomeration of entities," that profit to the tune of "billion" in every aspect of the (Criminal Justice System) from law enforcement to prison warehousing all under the seemingly legalized and rightfully-justified miscarriages of law violating our 1st, Fourth, Fifth, 6th and Eleventh Amendment rights. In seemingly harmless, but so called needed security and protections of the public at large. Our prior ignorance of the law and it biased applications of it, has let "Billion dollar profits" take precedence over some individual-citizen rights and been allowed to manifest into this entrenched constant seemingly harmless encroachment upon mine and yours basic fundamental rights, all under the promoted guise its serving the overall good of the public and its safety. All of this brought to mind an old street phrase we used to say regularly. I'm not sure where it arose from? or by whom it was coined but it goes as such. I think; don't quote me on its specifics "The only exchange or the two exchanges that happen; when a man with money, meets a man with experience? Is, the man with with experience will get the money, and the man with money will get the experience." (unknown by me as to author) Yet, I choose to coin a new phrase based on my experience in the Criminal Justice System and seeing the biased application of laws fairness as a poor Blackman who was once truly ignorant of the law, but am now experienced and paying a life long price. "Written by me this day of 8/23/20 Aziim Hadii Jackson Title. "Ignorance of the Law" "When a man with no money and ignorance of the law, meets a man with experience of the law and money, the poor and ignorant will be victimized and subjected to an exploitive-money-generating scheme under the law, by the man with money and mean's; while the Pg III "poor and ignorant man, not recognizing the "lasting-detrimental-cost" of this new legal experience due to his ignorance and lack of financial means to experience thus on equitable terms from the begining; will suffer the after effects of this exploitive-victimization long after the experience is gained." Author: Aziim Hadii Jackson 8/23/20 Thus, I've been subjected to this life long victimization and stimitations to be discriminated against legally for various federal assistance's, certain housing, voting and a record of priors that will all ways be brought up in the Arizona Court of Law. No matter how old they may be? under the "Historical Priors Act" thus always enhancing my sentencing when I'm subjected to it no matter how minimal the crime.

Author: Jackson, Aziim Hadii

Author Location: Arizona

Date: August 23, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 10 pages

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