I’m here because I was denied

Jones, Pearline



I’m using this paper format so I have a record and I can write more people at once. Pearline Jones I’m here because I was denied the right 2 represent myself or hire a lawyer. The conditions here r bad. Lots of civil rights violations. Appeals and grievances do no good. They just reject them so there is no record of them on file. To get a rejection back has taken up 2 45 days. I’m still trying 2 resolve a grievance I filed Dec 27, 18. They reject them 4 senseless reasons 2 detour the inmates from filing complaints. I have sent letters 2 the warden, the Gov, the President of the US, and support groups and has not from anyone. I don’t know if my mail is getting [through?]. I have a website where I expose corruption, judges, police, lawyers, etc… With what I have seen I don’t think they have plans on releasing me on my outdate, 8-3-19. They r holding inmates past their release dates and some on their release dates they r sending 2 state hospitals and holding them for 5 and 6 years they r giving them fake medical and mental health histories, giving them drugs without telling them the side effects and that the companies and drugs have lawsuits against them. I have written the courts and the [P.D?] I was forced 2 take asking 4 my transcripts and has not received any courts records. I have no behavior problems. I’m taking no meds. 1 Dr. here said I was mentally fit but she would monitor me 4, 2 months. Now they r making me C mental health staff again saying now I have 2 B monitored 4, 6 months which would June, 19. Then they say B4 I’m released I have 2 take another mental exam. I thought u had 2 B a harm 2 yourself or others 2 need this kind of attention. No one was hurt in the case I’m charged with. These people continue 2 lie. I like 2 have a paper trail, so they have stopped sending me replies 2 my requests. They won’t give me any records. I want an itemized list of my points and a print out of why they give me 33% off my time then took it back June 10, 19 would B with the 33% taken off. Now they have changed it back 2 Aug 3, 19. They feed us the same meals over and over with different names 4 it on the menu. Beans almost every day, 4 breakfast and dinner. I have a problem with these facilities being allowed 2 feed us anything or nothing at all which is now what’s happening. I have seen how. The courts and the class action lawsuits r supposed 2 B monitoring these places since 2001 and longer and under the courts the violations and abuses have gotten worse. The courts R allowing these places 2 make it harder 4 the inmates 2 report the abuses and violations. The whole system needs 2 B done away with. From the police that lie 2 lock up innocent people 2 the lawyers, Doctors, Judges and all the other people who run the sham programs in and outside of prisons. They look at this system as a money making machine. This is human trafficking that will soon fall in on itself. With all the power the Roman Empire had it was still destroyed. GOD will have the last word. Better medical care? Really? Under the courts monitoring I have been waiting since Dec 2018 4 eye glasses. They say it could B another 2-3 months. I have been lock up since Dec 19, 2017. I was told I have 2 wait until I’m released 2 find a dentist 2 have a cavity fixed. The courts sure have things under control with their monitoring. One of the higher up staff here told me that nothing will change about the complaint I put in about the food. He’s not worried about the court monitoring. He says we’ve been monitored 4 years. Really now.

Author: Jones, Pearline

Author Location: California

Date: April 26, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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