I’m in fine health as covid-19 has been here at the Robertson Unit

Alexander, Guy S.



Please submit this below, I'm in fine health as Covid-19 has been here at the Robertson Unit.... We have precautions that we follow like wearing a mask in our dayrooms, and when we go to eat to chowhalls they have red circles painted on the ground to keep us 6 feet apart.... its totally different ever since I've gotten off death row at the Polunsky Unit in 2012 I was at 1200 Baker St. in Houston for about 3 yrs I signed for life after over 2 I was previously given a reversal for a punishment phase trial, but instead, the prosecutor agreed to a plea deal Most I know or knew growing up in Houston TX, this was 1989 I was convicted of capital murder see for 22 yrs I was never once given any execution dates unbelievable dont you agree, during the trial the jury also found me to be a continueing threat to society.... But, I was given a 2nd chance, there is ones I've talked to since being in prison whom raped women and also men and babies who never once given a threat to society....but, some I know even now tell me they do it again if they get out? I've served 32 yrs, I've met allot of people, who have asked me would I kill again, I tell them no I've changed since being in here? When I was on death row I'd get "hate mail" persons would write me from here & over sea's asking me why I've not dropped my appeals yet.... It be mostly women, I would 3 be propositioned me to marriage by most that wrote to me it was new to me then but ever since I have been in G.P. yeah its a transition Id say but its not like I had it, then I didnt have to worry about money, now it is harder I dont have a death sentence I lost allot of friends, it was like I was spoiled.... Most that wrote some had illnesses that they say we both have a death sentence, but most didnt understand the difference I was facing? The men I had as friendships we get close to each other yes we talk & discuss everything including sexual....it wasnt like I was different than the next I lived out in the world, before prison I was open-minded, my dad after my mom passed in 1983 he came out of the closet... Yes, he was gay I used to go to some of his meetings while I lived with him but did it change me, no I enjoyed my life, but drugs got ahold of me thats what ruined my life, I had a Over 4 good job, but I was bored, life is like this for not just me, I know its like this for allot right? I know ones read these stories if you wish to ask why do I write, write and ask me. My address is given also I'm on cellpals.com if you like to see a photo of me, I am on betweenthebars.com also til next time I'll write again soon...take care stay safe... Guy

Author: Alexander, Guy S.

Author Location: Texas

Date: August 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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