I’m locked in this cage for defending my life

Hughes, Chris



NO TITLE By Chris Hughes I'm locked in this cage for defending my life, which for a poor man is a crime, but not for the rich. I want to claim that classism began in Europe but that's not true. Even the original "Americans" had a hierarchy. Chiefs etc. The Arabs held and sold slaves. And the slaves were NOT all black. Nevertheless, classism is a major problem in our society(s). It keeps the rich, rich, while the poor steadily become poorer. And our laws are aimed at poor people. Jails are built to house the poor. Rich people can make bail- poor people can't and they stay for months or years awaiting trial. Why aren't more PEOPLE complaining that we're being treated as guilty until proven innocent, which is a traitorous breach of the government officials' oath to uphold the Constitution, the supreme law of the land, which says PLAIN AS DAY that we are innocent until proven guilty? I don't pretend to understand completely all the details of law, but here's a very disturbing case law/precedent: Padelford, Fay+ Com. vs. The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah, 14 Georgia 438, 520 says, "But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain by suit in court, on the grounds of a breach of the Constitution; the Constitution, it is true, is a compact (a.k.a. contract) but he is not a party to it. The states are parties to it..." Now that pretty much says we have no Constitutional rights. But "states" do. Did you or I learn this/that in public/government funded and ran school? And why? They want us ignorant of the law so we can't defend ourselves and we end up in prison. While we rot and suffer in prison we lose everything. Our homes, jobs, cars- you name it. Then we are thrown back in the streets. And when we resort to panhandling or recycling cans we are harassed for it and looked down on, though our system should be looked down at because it's their fault. Not because we did nothing wrong, but because the system did nothing to help us, to "rehabilitate" us as they claim to do. They, at least, share a huge part in the crime in our communities. People get out and end up with no option but to steal. They are labelled "felons" and can't find employers who are willing to hire them. So what do you do? Starve? Sleep in a ditch? Some turn to alcohol and drugs- just to kill the pain of their loss and hopelessness. How can that possibly make society safer? In N. Carolina the prison calls itself "Department of Public Safety." Yet it's a revolving door, which means that while one sect of ex-prisoners are on the streets struggling, the other sect is in prison being dehabilitated. Only to be thrown in the street with NOTHING but a "felon" label. Boy oh boy. And they think THAT makes the public safer? Are they retarded? Delusional, perhaps? I believe all of the above, BUT the main motive is not to keep the streets safe. Have you looked at our ghettos lately? Instead of renovating them they spend all their money on prisons. Why not schools? Prisons are only to lock up We the People. They degredate our society and rip families apart. Some people HAVE committed crimes that are heinous and deserve a punishment. But most of "our" "laws" (statutes) are petty no good for nothing rubbish. They are locking up homeless people for so-called ("stealing" of) aluminum cans to recycle. Cans that are going to a landfill otherwise. If the people who threw the cans away (the owners) wanted them then why would they throw them away? It's senseless. Now, it's a felony to be caught with a cell phone in prison. A phone!? Are they scared we'll record their inhumane treatment of us and show the world? Maybe put it all on the internet. But who cares? Just us prisoners and some parts of our families. Mostly poor people with no voice. Do you see the amount of money rich assholes have to spend to run for office? So how can poor people have a voice when poor people can't govern in any way? They can't even afford to run for office. They- WE- can only vote for rich assholes who could care less about us. By "us" I mean We the People. In the upcoming presidential election we have two- what do I say? Neither one is for us. The people who are the MAJORITY. We've been voting and hoping for over a century. What's changed? Not much. The prisons are still here and full. The government still keeps us (intentionally) ignorant with their public government run schools. Kids are taught only what the government wants them to know. They aren't taught about the law and ways to defend themselves from it. They're taught basic skills that are only enough for them to work basic jobs. And it's no big wonder why so many kids end up in jail and/or prison. They accept plea bargains that are nothing short of blackmail! And they have no clue- they're IGNORANT. That is EXACTLY how the government kept slaves in the past- for LABOR! Back then they had "masters." Now we have "bosses." What's the difference? The boss sits on his ass and gets rich while paying you next to nothing- though YOUR labor is what fills his/her pockets! But people don't see it. They're conditioned (brainwashed) to see this as the norm. In America only rich people get elected. They're the only ones who can afford it. And, for the most part, this is true for college students too. Only well-to-do people can afford bail if they're locked up. So the poor people are stuck in jail without recourse while being treated as guilty until proven innocent- the opposite of what the Constitution calls for. Obama wants to do away with the Constitution. Yet everybody thinks he's on their side. Come on! If he does away with the Constitution then the entire Bill of Rights and all restraints on tyrannical government will be GONE! So much for "civil rights" then! And now we have Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Does anyone realize that her husband Bill Clinton passed the Prisoner Litigation Reform Act? Yeah, the one that takes away the majority of prisoners' legal options and makes lawsuits EXTREMELY expensive. Democrat or Republican: politicians are out for SELF- not us! They'll keep building prisons and doing whatever will further their careers. Just watch Hillary. Watch Trump. They both say one thing one week and one thing another week. They flip-flop on various issues. Obama and Bush and all before them did the same thing. Maybe I should write about how much prison sucks in particular, but we all need to look at the root cause(s) of why prisons and society are the way they are. Our government is awful- but look at history. All governments have been corrupt and tyrannical, to differing degrees, all throughout history, and always will. We'll NEVER have peace and justice through MAN'S government. As there is change that helps one group of people, another group of people suffers because of the same change. I say we need to pray to God. Only His government will be fair and just.

Author: Hughes, Chris

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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