I’m not a religious freak, but Im just sayin

Padilla, George



George Padilla "I'm Not a Religious Freak, but I'm Just Sayin" Crazy we're entering Ramadan and this is the first year in the past 4, I won't be allow'd to fast due to a medical condition that mandates I take medication during sunlight hours w/ food. I think about how much of a sinner I truely am. How many lies I've told big or small, drugs I've sold, people I've robbed, stolen from, hurt physically. I've drank the poison, I've smoke weed done X & molly as well. Now to some the small sins mean nothing so long as they pray, god will forgive them. I look at that as a form of manipulation. Think, how off putting that must be to the most High, that you take his forgiveness for a weakness, lying and fornicating, doing drugs all the while thinking to yourself, "Oh if I pray about it, GOD will forgive me." Sin Monday thru Saturday and all is forgiven on Sunday morning?? Questionable. I'm not a super religious, convert to Islam and morph into a holier than thou type of guy. I just think of what we teach our children through our own practices. Bi-curiously they learn these ways of life. I do believe at some point, religion was created to control the mass's and create law and serve as back up to whatever government or counsel's agenda was at play. Pay your dues some how translates into paying your taxes. Percentages of income are spoken about, the offering plate comes around and before we say Amen, the Rev's got money for his new benz. The little things add up people, the small sins and transgression are nothing more than a long equation that adds up to whom you truely are. Fear something, if not God, then at least fear the fuel to the fire you add when you raise your own children with loose morals. Ask yourself if your ready to die. Not in the sense of warriors and soldiers at war, but can you say you've accomplished all of what you are capable of? I'm not promote-ing Islam in this speech, Im promote-ing that YOU find a way to live a little more clean-er. Step your game up. You have to be a good/positive person, if you want good/positive things to happen and the little negative things actually take from your positive. For example if you've earn 56 points in positivity in the course of a week, but subtract 13 points in negativity your missing out, your 13 points short on the next best thing happening in your life, Laws of Attraction 101. I know if your reading this I'm using a lot of different angles to beat the same dead horse, I'll leave you with this. I'm in Prison for the duration of 16 years, I personally believe you people out thier are setting the visual standard of what my children believe is normal, right or wrong, they'll lose their innocence/or sense of wonder, reality will set in and they'll base their realistic life goals and achievements off of your visual examples you set as good or bad human beings. They will realize when they've been lied to, cheated on or manipulated by you. They'll be graced with your generosity, kindness, love or compassion. Your children and mine are watching you. Please don't let us all down. Response's to... George Padilla

Author: Padilla, George

Author Location: Connecticut

Date: May 20, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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