Im writing concerning the recent

Long, Lyndon B.



1/17/19 To whom it may concern, Im writing concerning the recent Federal prison reform. Its good that on that level that changes are being made. But most incarcerated offenders reside in state prisons. Here in Texas almost everyone here are either parole violators or repeat offenders. And all of the above are guilty of their charges. The violations are numerous. They were given many chances to make it on the streets but they failed. These and nonviolent offenders are the ones they keep letting out. And these are the ones that keep coming back. Example: One guy got out a couple of weeks ago. He's been down eight times. While he was here he went "against the grain every day. He never changed from that mentality. I could write a thousand page book on guys just like him. The people with the lowest recidivism rate are the violent offenders who have done a long period of time in prison. This has been proven for years now, but it seems no one sees this. I'll elaborate on myself for just a second. Ive done almost thirty two years flat on a seventy five yr. sentence. I have no prior felony convictions. Im a model offender. I have an E.A. of 13. (college) Ive been set off five times. All three yr. set offs on each one. They use the three g. offense against me. And they say Im a continued threat to society. (How they come up with that, I don't know). My whole case was a crime-of-passion. Also mental health issues. It makes "no sence," why they haven't let me go. They need to quit sending M.H.M.R. people to prison. Make sure these people take their medication. If they can't do it on their own, then D.O.T. (direct observation therapy) or hospitalization. Heavy drug users. Its not necessarily the drugs fault. Something is wrong psychologically. Thats what the professionals need to work on. Alcohol, the same thing. All of these topics will reduce prison population. It works for violent offenders and nonviolent offenders. Sincerely J.B. Long

Author: Long, Lyndon B.

Author Location: Texas

Date: January 24, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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