Imagination: Unsupervised neoteny?

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



Attention! Trump selected - 7-9-2020 "Again"! 3-Branches help! Four more years: Of Rot! "Imagination: 'Unsupervised', neoteny?" "Just imagine 'living in your bathroom,' but; 'minus a bath tub'? 'Keep in mind, its size depends; on your conviction (sentence time)? Now add-to-that-picture, 'you': eat; wash; pray; exercise; watch TV; pass bodily functions; breathe in air; read & write; smell (whatever enters via sewer or Vents, no 'open Windows'); and, get Medical Treatment (except for Emergency Approved Transfers) there? 'Imagine,' if you've someone (on approved telephone numbers list: limit 30) to telephone, or, 'if the Warden hasn't deleted/restricted' (telephone use)? That, you talk -- to the outsiders -- from, your bathroom? While being recorded, monitored; and, 'profiled' (cf. Cell Phone Lists, computerized via Telephone Bills; entered into Computer Base, cross referenced to DMV - Voter Registration - Jury Wheels per 18 - U.S. Code sections 1861-1869?)? So, that, info (via Unions: AFGE; NFGE; AFL-C10-5 U.S. Code sections 8331, 8332; nepotism, 5 U.S. Code 2301-02, 3110, conflicts 18 - U.S. Code 201 et seq; Natural Laws usurp U.S. Constitution) Targets; Minorities (of color)? 'Imagine,' Federal Elections (usurped) by 'Selection' (no: U.S. Const., art. I; 17th Amendment, etc.; 'We the People')? That, National Debt is, 'the Bank Account: of super-wealthy; and, their, lackies, Members of Federal 3-Branches? 'Imagine,' the USA whittled down to: a Russia, void of Oversight? Where - 'We the People' become: 'base,' and; 'Justice,' for, 'Justus' - Col. 3:11? That, Two (2) Types (Rep and Dem) merge; as one Type (Democratic-Republican Party) or: 'good cop, bad cop'? 'Imagine,' the 'Union Heads' have, 'militias'; which, link (like, a computer-program) to Law Enforcement (cf. Ali v FBOP (2008) 169 L.Ed.2d 680, John Roberts - Ch. Justice?)? 'Imagine,' Federal Courts bypass/usurp (U.S. Const.) via: 'discretionary function,' or 'good cop, bad cop' (Decision-making: see, Brett M. Kavanaugh - now, Assoc. Justice U.S. Supreme Court - then, Precise Text of the Constitution, 89 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1907 (2014))? 'Where 3-Branches' (U.S. Const.; State Const.) become: Constitutions; and, 'media' - 'their law enforcement'? 'We The People,' are: culprits-preyed-upon; no oversight? 'Imagine,' the 'black ops' (cf. 'Tuskegee Syphilis'; 'MK Ultra,' Sims v. CIA (D.C. Cir. 1980) 642 F.2d562, 479F. Supp. 84; 'Iran-Contra-cocaine'; 'Camp Funston, Kansas' Pandemic 1918; et cetera?) 'sterilizing'; and/or 'Population Control'? 'No oversight! Take Care Clause,' right? 'And, imagine,' movies ('1984'; 'V'; 'Angel Heart'; 'the Visit'; etc.) 'art imitates Life'; pave the way (cf. movies, preceding, prison-reform?)? Inside (Federal) Prison, 'Unions' control: hiring (guards); economic gains for prisons surrounding (economies voting elections); Congressional Elections; Govt Appointments; Bank Loans; ad infinitum! There are 'no oversight as monopolies' head, those Agencies Tasked (with Supervision): 'Who will guard the guards, themselves'? (Martial) (1 of 2) "Imagination: 'unsupervised,' neoteny?" (con't) During the 'good cop, bad cop' (Government) there's, no oversight; for 'We the People'! As 'We the People' are, durance; unto the 'super-wealthy'! The Nations Debt imprisons! 'Nature-Mirrors,' the; Human Agriculture! Every gain, contrary, to Majority Interests; weighs down (seesaw) is, adverse! Hence, the COVID-19 Pandemic! 'Nature teaches': (1) 'greed isn't good'; (2) 'hoarding isn't a step in the right direction'; (3) 'those with more, don't return any'; (4) 'laws are broken, by neoteny'; (5) 'justice leaves,' like 'polluted-air'; (6) 'racism is in rooted-greed'; (7) 'most-are-immature,' and, not-supervisible'; (8) 'everyone gets a chance to walk-in-anothers-shoes'; and, (9) 'it is all Vanity'! When 'Americans,' were, tested (COVID-19) they failed'; 'Nature Grades' - but, 'We the People' are 'running-out-of-chances'! 'Where were the Religious-folk' (Government; super-wealthy; polyhistor) at'? 'It's all a show,' and; 'it is all Vanity'! When the Camera goes on, 'smiles and lies'; 'smoking-mirrors'! Not: 'smoke and mirrors'; 'you can see it's-not-real'! (cf. Tobit 6:5-6?) 'In here' (durance) we know, 'it's-not-real'! There's a bunch 'of actors'; 'both-sides-of-bars'! 'Out there,' freedom, doesn't exist; yet, 'no platform's available' (to Warn others: "Therefore you rebuke... warn them, and remind them of the sins they are committing, that they may abandon their wickedness...." (Wisdom 12:2, NAB))! 'Where are the Warriors,' who're, not yes men / yes women? 'Nature seeks 'We the People,' to: 'look at America'; 'look at oneself'; 'look in a Mirror'; and, 'look into-the-truth' (of this Nation)! '...Before the fall'! "Why, 'COVID-19'?" "They see, with 'their own eyes'; 'and, hear with their own ears'! 'A fool, abuses tries'; 'wasn't taught, about fears'! 'They don't believe, the Past'; 'and, won't-ever-grow-up'! 'For evil, does not last'; 'ye know this-in-your-gut'!" /ARA (c) ADX plantation 5/14/2020 'This supremacy is protected; by: Congressional 'omission'; Judicial 'nepotism'; and, Executive 'discretion'! 'COVID-19', is, 'Natures-Mirror,' that's; 'to foggy for neoteny to grasp'! 'If the Church, is to fake to save We the People'; then, parents (adults) must! 'Imagine,' you live in your bathroom? 'Your food is thrown-on-the-floor'? 'No one to apply, the Laws'? And, 'no one mature'; 'peter pan-ish Nation'? 'Would ye pray, for destruction, for/of this Nation'? As: 'Noah'; 'Moses'; and 'Jesus' did?" /ARA (c) 5/14/2020 List as: Ayyub Rahim Abdullah ARA (c) To: Prison Journalism Project 2093 Philadelphia Pike #1054, Claymont, DE 19703 (2 of 2)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: July 9, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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