In da sky

Allen, Nate



In Da Sky! By Nate A I can't sit back, I just wanna cry. I remember those dayz with you by my side, and all the pain that you had went through. God took you away and I still miss you. We can't reverse the handz of time, so I'm just gonna pray for you mom. You made a man without no father, and now dat you gone I just wanna cry. He takes the best I just don't know why~ But one day will meet againe in the sky (3x) In the sky- Dear mom it'z Nate I really miss you, and sometimes I wish I could just hug you and kiss you. Yo sons a man now, I wish I didn't feel so alone. You was just a phone call away but now the lord took you home, to come sit on ya throne. So many thingz I should've said even when you whip my butt for not making my bed, and for a long time I didn't understand why? But it was just to make me a man which you saw was inside. Last time dat you visit you just made me wanna cry because you told me something's that hit home deep inside, like I'm old now I can't act like a kid. You ain't alwayz gonna be there to bail me out like you did, and see mom, I wish I can reverse the handz of time and tell you I love you one million more times. It still wouldn't be enough. Now time is getting tough cuz when I got the phone call you died my heart just split up, and I'm sitting in a jail cell just bottling it up, never got to say goodbye. Thinking about it make me, but I gotta stay tough- and be able to stand up, cuz even though you not here you wouldn't want me to give up. Remember mom when I was a kid and I'll say all those stupid thingz that I wish I never said. Now I make my own bed I remember those butt whippenz, struggling to make endz meet but still come home to ya cooking. Good took the women of my life, but everything he do is for the better, I just hope you alright!!

Author: Allen, Nate

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: March 5, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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