In regards to prison reform and recidivism

Cabrera, Angel



[no title] 1. July 12 2017 In regards to prison reform and recidivism there are no prison reform programs that prevent the revolving door of so many recidivist...In a educational perspective here in Oregon Snake River Correctional facility we are not allowed to order books in D.S.U. "the hole" in the pretense that it is an incentive for inmates not to come back to the hole... From my 20 years of experience of being incarcerated the most effective time to educate and train inmates is while the desire to 2. learn exist not when forced upon... This is clearly counter productive to prison reform and promotes ignorance and utilizes malice and ill will to perpetuate idelness and monotony, which only creates disturbances from inmates for lack of mental stimulation... As "Albert Einstein" said; "idelness is an enemy of the spirit". Where idelness is promoted rebelion prevails. I'm sure inmates would rather read a "Herman Melville" or a "Cervantes" book, then flood and bang on their cell door all day... Cabrera Onterio, Oregon

Author: Cabrera, Angel

Author Location: Oregon

Date: July 12, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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