Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.



INCARCERATED IN my lifetime I started coming to jail at an older age, not like some of the people here in CT, that talk about Manson and I never been there at that age. I noticed at an older age, that I didn't start coming to jail until I got involved in drugs ,then I did not realize it, but now older and wiser I noticed it. As for who introduced me to some of the drugs which my friends & I did not do when I was growing up. Person places, & things plays a lot and that's something I learned through attending N.A & A.A. . Here it is 2019, and I'm still going to school but I saw on the news this lady received her High school diploma at the age of 111 and she was the oldest person in Connecticut to get it. While a person is locked up they start thinking of all of the positive things they want to do but when they get out they get side tracked or influenced by negativity or negative people. I got a lot of things I could relate to with my life experience, but when I was going to school for computer service technician, kept me in a positive state hanging with positive people and doing positive things, I wondered what I would've been doing ifl would've gotten my Certificate ,which directions I would've went. That school was only at in it for our loan money, One morning we was coming to school and noticed the school burning up, and one ofthe students pointed at the director, and said, he did it right there, and every ,one looked at him with an hateful look, because he looked like that type. I say Incarceration / correction is suppose to correct you, but you have to correct, your, self and do as I do, As I got here, I started going to N.A. & A.A. where that's some ofthe things I should have been doing out there, Ifl would have none that it was the drugs that kept me coming to jail. I guess Incarceration is what you make it correction is what you make of it positive or negative. I try using it as a stepping stone, and I go to school, N.A., A.A., ,all these other certificates that I received in the 9 ‘/2 Years that I've been down, and I enjoy looking at them on my down days. A lot of people look at me and think with the amount of time I got, and they wonder why I'm so happy. I put a lot ofthings in Gods hand, so that's why I could come out of my cell with a smile on my face, one kid told me when I got to A—block for the first two weeks, I came out with a pizzas every day with an happy face. Doing what I do in here got my niece & I to open a Muslim pizza shop/store, and that started from me doing pizzas in here, C.O.’s said my pizza make Dominoes look bad with the appearance. I feed off the complements I get means a lot. I'm getting my mind set to start the extended studies course that I'm doing after I get my G.E.D., so you never get toO old to learn and try other things, Here it is 2019 and I only seen my first Grandson and now my Daughter has 4 boys and I only seen the first, that I last counted. _ I'm enjoying doing a lot of things in here and they look at that, tells a lot about you. I got a few more programs to do and then I'll be ready for an level 3 and I don't go to one until 2025 so I'll just stay busy until then doing ever y positive thing I can get my hands on. The only thing that gets me is why they don't put two people who go to school in the same cell, so at least at least the two of you are on the same page, and I'm taking my G.E.D., so I will be in and out of books and my cell mate is a sleeper. I have no problem with that , I'm not in a n nursing home falling to sleep after every meal is an good thing to avoid being up/you wake up , your still here, you do no programs to try an stretch your time out and you can't sleep your bid away. Every person does their time different and I stay in my lane and I expect the next person to stay in their lane. It's like the more things I do in the day, at night after the 10 o'clock news I'm tired and go to sleep to get ready for the next day and that's what it's about in here, I don't study the outer world as some do, every time they call there girl they ask her what you doing?, she could be trying to pleasure herself or some thing. When things get out of character, I usually meditate or put some soothing music, to relax my mind and keep it on a positive level. My cell mate and I go through it some days and some days were just talking as if we know each other but we was cell mates for an year. i would like for good things to come out of this Incarceration. While being Incarcerated going through every day you have to deal with a lot of emotions and in my nine years ,I done the worst of the worst. Here in E—B|ock, where I've been for 5 plus out of my 10 years. A brother I only known as slick one day told me to call him Chauncey for now on and I asked him did Chauncey sell slick out or did slick sells Chauncey out ?, he never answered me to this day. I could go on and on about this place but you got to put a lot of things into GODS hands. I'm gone end this on a good note before my emotions take over thinking about it. It like the more my cell mate and I bicker (to engage in petty quarrel), the closer it brings us. Yesterday, he surprised me by hooking my T.V. to where I could get Digital stations. Then a person who has a lot of time has to expect to go to SEG one time or another. Your emotions play on you to. With the Chauncey guy above, I guess he wanted to change and he started by wanting to being called by his government name, and he's also a role Inmate who never gets in trouble, cleaning up blood spills, working, ETC. I ,on the other hand got into trouble for going to Medical on my own to give them my empty bottle of pain killers for a new one, and for being out of place I got 7 days SEG time, now I got to pick up where I left off. O’H WELL. If you could get through this you could get you could get through a lot of other stuff.

Author: Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.

Author Location: Connecticut

Date: September 1, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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