Incarcerated death / Survivor

Stromberg, Larry N.



Incarcerated Death Anchored in dung Drowning with excruciating regret Bed ridden Riddled with a maligont tumor to the brain Gang Green Decubitus ulcer spread so damn wide Locked in a systematic box Controlled by a massive financial key Will the others get a chance to be free? Sometimes goodbye is a second chance This is the existence of the condemned Written by: Larry N. Stromberg (c) 2020 Survivor Sexually abused, like many others in this world T've worn the face of shame, with so many to blame Mental health is my stratoshere, tilted among the normal An actor who wore many faces, never knowing his own Murderer of madness with retroactive guilt Wishing my steps had taken another path Not the destroyer who left ruins One who adores family, the living and the dead Alone in the cage of condemnation Fanasty of second chance, in life or death Whatever comes first Written by: Larry N. Stromberg (c) 2020

Author: Stromberg, Larry N.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: 2020

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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