Incarcerated people of Connecticut

Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.



Incarcerated People of Connecticut Here in todays World, We here in this jail got our stimulus and I could see already that a lot of people will be Diabetic soon and if they don,t see it, they need to weight their self more now I could do this College course that I wanted to do without touching my 401-k, Other than that I stay around the positive people and away from negatie folks. I'm still making my Pizzas and their [illegible] onthem. I'm about ty go to an working house and since I;m under the old law I get like 16 days off every month, so I got to go with that. My Trial starts on 10-9-21, and I just study more law now than ever. I got acother ink film ribbon and trying to get this type _ writer is a nusence. Other than that today is the last day of april 2021. Tommorrow I got 5 months left till I go to Trial and my lawer is going to let them have it, when I was in Trial, my lawer took sides and since she was suppose to be my mouth peice and speak on my behalf she did not do a good job and she kicked the bucket back in 2015 why, I don't know, but I still pray for her. These guys don't know but I;m getting back into court soon so making these pizzas everday is got to come to a seace. or slow down but I started all that so I can;t get mad. I woke up this morning did my morning prayer (farj), and it also starts my fast, and keeps me positive all day. I have not did an essay in a long time and I don't get no feed back from Hamilton. My kids out there one moved to the south which I'd rather have my Grand kids raised in the south any way (God bless) them all Ever) though I only seen the first Grand child back in 2006 and theres three more Grand sons added on since then. and I know my Daughter got her hands full but I hope Quanette Mcfadden and Kevin Benefield JR. who my brother took under his wing and sent him to Tracktor trailer training, back in 2009 as I requested and I thank him for that it's just that I don't have communication with the outside world. We got these Tablets and I could get E-messages,and no one even sends me any messages. Other than that I still keep a positive attitude. I could not go to the library today and I needed to make copies trying to prepare for trial with out a lawer or no outside help, I done sent for a pen-pal who I hope would help me in these situations. They also got Video visits now and you could log onto that at WWW.CT.GOV/ and for E-messaging log onto WWW. Securustech,com I Hope hamilton uses the E-messaging where they could eliminate the use of paper that way. I just hope and pray that every one will get there shots and we could get by this pandemic, hopefully go back to the way things were. I thank every one who views theses essays.

Author: Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.

Author Location: Connecticut

Date: April 30, 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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