Injustice within the U.S. justice system

Booker, Dan Lewis



Injustice Within the U.S. Justice System: End Mass Incarceration By Dan L. Booker Self Representation Intentional Ineffective Assistance of Counsel The prison mass incarceration rate %, is exorbitant due to crooked public defender(s) (PD), offenders, when charged by an statute (eg. in Chicago 720 ILCS 2/317) with an offense, it is nothing more than an "allegation" (accusation), that's why it's said "innocent" until "proven" guilty, which is what "preliminary hearing" is for see: The circuit court rules of criminal procedure. Preliminary Hearing A "mini-trial", is held to find "probable cause," see Blacks Law Dictionary, that an "alleged offender," likely did what one is charged with, where witness(es) (if they show), and/or physical evidence (if any), is presented by the state district attorney (DA), "if" the PD "intends" to "represent their client to the best of their abilities" (effective representation), they "will challenge", any and/or all so called evidence by "contradicting the elements," that make up said charge "due-process 14th amendment" by "objecting," "quoting", "citing", "raising" an issue on the record (court transcript) e.g. an witness/victim didn't show, "Your honor, under the people vs. Taylor 657 3d.721, this case must be dismissed there is no witness/victim" The above citation "case law," also known as "authorities," can be found in "law libraries" at courthouses and/or near, which are open to the public and there also one will find the above and below mentioned "law books" and cases (case law), "legal research." Those big thick hard back books, one see's in law offices/libraries, these cases describe (in detail) what took place in the same type of case and "what elements" - "must be proved" - "to uphold said charge." If for some odd reason the judge, denies said request, it can be appealed, to the state appellate court, see: The Appellate Rules of Criminal Procedure, if needed, the states highest court, state supreme. Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Obviously PDs, don't do any of this! IAC, is whats needed to be shown on appeal, "the complete casefile, everything forementioned which is "public information", all one needs is the case #, contact the clerk of the court, and for a fee, one can obtain such, or (an docket sheet - a - listing of every motion filed etc)" by inmates who mistakenly trusted (ignorance) the PD, and go to trial if blessed to be granted an appeal and/or an sympathetic appellate lawyer or "Learns Law (what the PD didn't do) themselves" after years of incarceration must "prove" demonstrate, said IAC for relief. There is "no incentive" to keep PDs, "honest" from "abusing their power," Running alleged offenders, through the system by "plea bargain." this case I'm in for: larceny from a person, C-17-326752-1 PD Zohra Bakhtary, should have been thrown out! No witness/victim. Or I could have "represented myself," but what they're doing here in Vegas, is sickening. IAC, should be deemed an criminal/civil offense for redress. There is the: Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Board Facebook: Danniel Booker (No profile picture) "The Conspiracy" What took place in St. Joseph MO, Buchanan County, Case: 12BUCR00 47/01, I inadvertently grabbed an officer, who came from my blind-side while another officer, held my right wrist, me standing-up with my head turned to the right, trying to "pull-away", when said officer grabbed my left wrist (attempted); responded. Prison officials, re-arranged/altered/edited/photo-shopped the video, filed false affidavits, to support such, ensured case was assigned to former officer (co-worker) now Public Defender: Mitch Jenkins, at the preliminary hearing, I raised conflict of interest, Judge: Marquart, confirmed Jenkins former employment, asked the head public defender: Sue Rinne, "if she was going to bring in another lawyer to represent Mr. Booker?" Rinne stated: "No our office can handle it." Public Defender: Teresa Lininger, was then appointed who "waived" said hearing and immediately exited the court room. The Trial Court, I fired Lininger, this angered Judge: Kellog, who stated: "you better have a lawyer the next time I see you" After appearing at each court date, without such, Judge: Kellog continued continuing, until (after several months) attempted to have me agree to have "the public defenders office represent me," I refused citing Jenkins, former employment. Kellog, threatened to proceed with trial, I stated: "I want to take an deposition of Mitch Jenkins, and bring in an video analysis" Kellog stated: "Mr. Booker, is right make it happen" The prosecutor: Rhinehart conferred with me, and I agreed to time served The Lying Journalist (Media) Upon my release I see a news van, he stated, he viewed the video it "was not altered" The local paper: The St. Joseph News Press in classified section, stated: "Mr. Booker, stopped trying to fire public defenders, and took a plea deal" Dan L. Booker Ely State Prison Ely, Nevada Self Representation Under the U.S. Constitution citizens and/or alleged offenders have the "right" to represent ones self. This in my opinion is the only way to end mass incarceration, this is what the 1st amendment is all about. After ignorantly trusting public defenders, (I should have never so long ago been subjected to prison), and having been (assaulted) excessive force 8th amendment by an prison guard, I learned federal civil law (under this amendment "the 1st" , "access to the courts," it's constitutionally mandated to have the law libraries in county jails and prison, from the best book out there: "The Prisoners Self-Help Litigation Manual" See: 99C4696 Booker vs. Ware 7th Cir, Federal District Court in Chicago, on Dearborn St. The court rules used there are: 'The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure' eg.. Rule 30 is "Discovery" I never litigated criminal law, until Facebook: Danniel Booker (no profile picture), civil/criminal, works the same way. I never used them, but heard the "criminal law in a nut shell" are the best books. "There exist no rule and/or law compelling public defender's to adhere compliance to ensure "effective representation of their clients"

Author: Booker, Dan Lewis

Author Location: Nevada

Date: August 20, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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