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Feeney, Matthew D.



Matthew Feeney [address] 35L / 445 Words Inmate Dictionary: Real World - Prison Definitions Affiliated (v) Real World: Associated with a company, group or organization. Prison: A member of a STG. See also “Security Threat Group” and “Gang.” Bars (n) Real World: Place for social gatherings, often including ingestion of intoxicating beverages and displays of obscure mating rituals. Prison: The physical pieces of steel that separate inmates from the Real World and hinders social gatherings, obscure mating rituals and ingestion of intoxicating beverages. Canteen (n) Real World: A hollow utensil used to store liquid. Prison: Place where inmates order and receive snacks, clothing and hygiene items. Returning to your cell with a large canteen order guarantees a proliferation of new friends. Cell (n) Real World: An ubiquitous mobile telephone device carried with one at all times. Prison: An inmate’s assigned sleeping quarters, often shared with multiple strangers. “Wet cell” means you have the added convenience of a fully functional flushing toilet within inches of your sleeping bunk. Count (v) Real World: the ability to indicate an ascending sequence of numbers. Prison: the ritual by which inmates are accounted for throughout the day. “Stand-Up Verification Count” — making inmates stand-up to insure they are still alive. “Emergency Count” — often done when someone has failed to accurately add the numbers from an earlier count. Formal (adj) Real World: a designation of a special or significant event requiring special attention. “Formal Attire” means Tuxedo and Evening Gown. See also “Formal Dance.” Prison: A designation of a special or significant rule break requiring special attention. “Formal Discipline” means doing time in Segregation. See also “The Hole.” Good Time (n) Real World: An expression of happiness and joy, often surrounding enjoyment of a social event with friends and family. Prison: Time credited to an inmate’s sentence for staying out of trouble. Kite (n) Real World: A lightweight device flown in the air and tethered with a string. Prison: A yellow piece of paper formatted for official written communication between inmates and prison staff. Property (n) Real World: A tangible item owned by an individual. Prison 1: Tangible item owned by an inmate, as long as it is on the allowable items list, received from an approved vendor, not above the maximum allowed limits or altered in any way. Prison 2: The name of the Department where you pick up new underwear once a year. See also “Yearlies.” Yard (n) Real Worid: The grassy area of land surrounding one’s house where children often play games. Prison: the rarely grassy area of land surrounded by razor-wire fences where inmates often play games or try to kill each other. See also “Shank.”

Author: Feeney, Matthew D.

Author Location: Minnesota

Date: 2022

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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