Inmate victim’s advocate

Nobblen, William



RESIDENCE LITIGATION TEAM FOR WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS JAMES R. GAYE, LEGAL DIRECTOR; LOUIS JONES, PARALEGAL PENNT FIRM; ANDRE HOLMAN RESEARCH & WRITER; INJUSTICE LEAGUE; SENIOR LITIGATOR WM. J. NOBBLEN., JUSTICE DENIED LIBERTY INTEREST MASS CENSUS CIVIL & SOCIAL JUSTICE; INMATE VICTIM'S ADVOCATE When you think of inmate victim advocacy, please don't think of inmates being insensitive to the acutal victims of crime, because in some instances most inmates are victims too. The object of prison, in the first place is to rehabilitate and prep prisoners to become productive citizens, but as of late it's only been about enslavement and profit. Sadly at least two hundred thousand (200,000) people in the American prison system, statistics show in prision are wrongfully convicted, this number is most likely double that! Two point five million people in the prison system, 10% of whom are presumably innocent, an issue the administration has yet to address. We are in a time where the injustice is being highlighted for the world to see, and how many people have become victims of the same justice system, that's sworn to protect and serve them. For instance, for the criminal justice system to put in place an Internal Affairs Unit, or a Conviction Integrity Unit, shines a light on the fact this is an systemic problem of corruption, and knows that there is wrongdoings internally. With very little advocacy from within the prison industrial complex for these inmates, who are victims of the system under trumped up charges, by those who abuse their power of authority. Without a reasonable voice to reckon with the thousands of actually innocent, faceless dejected voices or even the most rehabilitated offenders, the enslavement of those who could assist in the crime prevention seems pointless. An advocate would then get to know us and the people who support us, they would then be able to present an humane & objective presentation to the people about who we really are, and provide a much needed voice of the many who desperately hope to be heard. Without advocacy, misguided negative perceptions about inmates will continue to cripple the due course of justice, back logging the systems. The very fact that there is a victims advocate for the opposite side is prejudice, and a bias against inmates, we also should have an professional advocate to represent us. As offender when we go see the parole board or file for clemency, and pardons we are always misrepresented by a small prison resume complied together by people we have minimum to no interaction with, and is expected to show production and growth to people who don't know us from adam. No one believes being represented by members of the board would benefit their interest. Arguing innocence is extremely, the most difficult thing to do, because the laws that were, are not the laws that be. The prosecution convicts a man, who after 20 plus years is found to be innocent, or a small participants of a crime gets a lengthier sentence than the actual perpetrator. Those being held on detainers without being convicted of a crime, detainers are for those that are dangers to our society, not to hold people in jail for monetary reasons, not mass incarceration! The fact that the D.O.C., administration expect us to take responsibility for something, even if they are innocent, is a unbearable burden that I see a lot of inmates have to carry; To please the board having to lie to get out of prison. A lot of prisoners have no outside support, not because there bad people, but this may not be there home state, and their family and friends can't get to them, or they simply may not have family. The charges against them are so egreious that they were abandon. People are being consumed by prison life and the system. The D.O.C., job is to rehabilitate their residence. Advocacy is part of being rehabilitated and many inmates, sad to say can't read or write, let alone allocute for them selves. Far too many times are we misrepresented and overlooked, we feel that an advocate for inmates should be the alleviator of this problem. Inmate founds should be allocated to decrease prison population, not make it better. William Nobblen

Author: Nobblen, William

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: September 28, 2022

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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