James, Brittany



Insane Take me where the walls talk, scream, and stalk my mind, Rogger Rabbit with a pistol, deranged but can't help but see, binoculars for an unexpected scene, take one, two, let the show begin, a one tack mind and a killer voice, padded walls, its your choice, chains and straps and slabs of steel, a tricycle wheel, spokes bent and broke, choke on what refuses to stay below the belt and never prosper, turn down, turn around, lost and found, misfits in an unwanted place, space, and times away, this day, a shattered sense, my haunted dreams of untold lies, nothing ever meets the eye, and if it does its fictitious, fake, and unreal, never a good sign when you hear commentary, speak in riddles and speak in rhyme, speak in languages not of this time, artifacts of friends and foe, show you proof theres more here too, in my head a table for two, never alone here to stay, a sign to show children at play - childs and I'm about to die, feel the lows and the highs, in my mind where the walls, talk, scream, and stalk...

Author: James, Brittany

Author Location: Indiana

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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