Insight from the inside Vol #2

Tamez, Brian Christopher



INSIGHT FROM THE INSIDE - VOL #2 (Raw, and uncircumcised) Tamez, Brian C. This essay is Mark W. Stiles Unit specific. "There is a ginormous difference between what we choose to 'believe' and what we know to be factually 'true.'" signed, Anyone with Common Sense The first essay I wrote circa two years ago regarding the Texas prison system was prior to any post-secondary education regarding the art of writing. Just as my first works held room for improvement, so does the Texas department of Criminal Justice, but on an even grander scale. What is believed by the general public regarding the face of the TDCJ is a detrimental facade. For this reason, Prison officials are adamant about limiting the video footage, and other information that would expose the ugly truth about their many dirty secrets relating to what transpires behind the razor wire, and the thick veil of concrete that does its best to conceal truth and facts! I haven't a sufficient amount of time, nor pen, and paper to cover everything as thoroughly as need be, for those reasons, I will utilize bullet points to illustrate key areas of concern as needed. - The visitation area is tidy, and neat with friendly, and the most well kept officers in the unit; this does not at all represent the status-quo of the unit. It seem that a large amount of family members are fooled by this - Don't be! The fresh paint, catchy slogans promoting positive change, and the friendly, cute murals on the wall are indeed, nothing more than a smoke screen. - 90% percent of all chapel, education to include college, Lamar State, Port Arthur, are simply "wagging the dog," and/or going through the motions. Inmates, officers and of course the instructors know it, but all simply play along for some type of ulterior motive, a measily certificate for the inmate, and a free meal in the officers' Dining Room for our friendly volunteers. Ohh, let's not forget the signatures of the incarcerated on our volunteers' paperwork/rosters ... 501(3)C, government dollars??? Hmm! - How about the over-rated, often under-cooked and - portioned excuse of a meal doled out for a grown man to consume. The more poorly they feed in the chow-hall, the more that TDCJ staff can load up in their vehicles to supplement their income. Let's not forget the embellished, overly embellished titles of their menu items. A pepper-steak is nothing more than a "processed" beef patty, that would not fill up the belly of a toddler. And, of course, when the incarcerated are deprived of their "true" three hots, the more we have to beg family and friends to send their hard earned dollars to us so we can purchase the low quality, highly marked-up products at the unit commissary. Challenge yourself to research the "Barbco Company!" - How about the veterans' incarcerated group #292 supported by Sandra Womack, Ray and Judy Hardy (Vietnam Veterans of American #292 Local Beaumont Chapter. founded (mostly) and attended by fraudulent veterans that are mostly pedophiles, and other sexual deviants, who have never served in the military. They simply collect the DD-14s - such as my own - and with a little white-out, our mere degenerate is now an Honorably Discharged war hero, who has also taken the time to create a new indictment; he is now the vicious murderer that hunted down and killed the "real child molester." Wow. Welcome to the "Freestyle Unit," you ain't heard/seen nothing yet. The chaplain, Administration Vietnam Vets 292 know, but hell, those phony vet signatures must have a hell of a lot of value to them, because the patriotic show - still goes on! - How about our wonderful property officers? I've had my wrist-watch, fan, artwork, writings, pictures, institutional checks, etc., etc., etc. taken, lost, stolen by staff, regardless of having legitimate property papers. * I cannot stress this enough: If the TDCJ staff feel that you have no free-world support - someone to advocate for you "via telephone" when they violate your rights, they will keep doing it, and it will get worse! If you love your incarcerated family member, friends, pick up that phone, ASAP!!! - The Grievance officers and even the Law Librarian, more of the same. Most of all are on the take in some form or fashion, and they cover for one another. - Contraband? Who do you think brings it in, the local hoodlum, or hood-rat, AKA Sgt. Pusher that just so happens to be related to all the other officers on the unit, to include his pregnant wife, that will expell an offspring that "looks more and more like one of those damn offenders" with each day that passes. Like it or not, this failing system is a problem that directly affects all of us. The more we fail to acknowledge it properly, fix, and resolve the problem, the more our society loses as a whole. No one person can control the actions of another, however, we have total control over that which we choose to condone and accept. If you choose to condone, and fund this system, then you have to accept the consequences, to include the release, recidivism, and victimizations committed by the Texas "offender" population. The next victim could be you, and yours; It doesn't have to be, become proactive by being part of the solution, and no longer supporting the problem. Sincerely, Offender Brian C. Tamez Good teachers - Lamar State Brown - Cultural geography Zebulon Lowe - English [Illegible] Chavez Good Officers Major Frederick, Major Landrum, Captain Tribiouti

Author: Tamez, Brian Christopher

Author Location: Texas

Date: June 18, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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