Institutionalized racism perpetuate racial hatred, not just hatred towards other races, but hatred towards certain characteristic within ones own race

Duguma, Mutope



Institutionalized Racism Perpetuate Racial Hatred, Not Just Hatred Towards Other Races, But Hatred Towards Certain Characteristic Within Ones Own Race. "Table of Contents" Human elements of institutionalized racism the 13th Amendment Part One 1. Prison politics 2. The Malthus plan 3. CCPOA-union 4. Conspiracy theory 5. Diabolical plan 6. Counter insurgent 7. Cannibalizing 8. Art of racism "Introduction" In this work I named five social characteristic of the prison guards which equally applies to the prisoners as well: 1.) racism, 2.) chauvinism, 3.) irrationalism 4.) inhumanity and 5.) obscurantism. Each characteristic sharpens the old stereotypical and antagonistic attitude that keep racial classes at war. Here's how: 1.) The system of institutionalized racism breeds a pathological behavior of racial hatred between Blacks, Browns, and whites. 2.) The system of institutionalized racism fosters regional differences between Southern and Northern California prisoners. 3.) The system of institutionalized racism divides prisoners into a socio-economic class arrangements. 4.) The system of institutionalized racism force racial cannibalizing of ones own kind. The steady growth of institutionalized racism is strengthen by fraud, fear and force orientation of every convicted person entering California prisons. (Human elements of institutionalized racism) A.) The progenitors of inst. racism is the industrialists. B.) The chief architect of inst. racism is the military industrial complex (MIC). C.) The deputy architect of inst; racism is the prison industrial complex (PIC). D.) The logistic and instrument by which inst; racism is facilitated is the three branches of state government, prison administrators, prison intelligence units, CCPOA prison guards, free personnel contractors E.) The collaborators and pawns of inst; racism is the church, tax payers, voters and prison populace. The Thirteenth Amendment We are shaped by a historical miscarriage that predates the 13th Amendment of the United States constitution. By virtue of the 13th Amendment, the convicted class of the past and present are politically and legally incapacitated for life. The industrialists has left us disenfranchised and reduced to slavery in and out of prison, the 13th Amendment was a brilliantly contrived and constructed political addition to the constitution. It equipped the controllers of the political economy with a built in stabilizers with its compromising wording that allowed a settlement of differences between the industrialists of the north and south by combining the two economical system into one political economy. They politically and legally created an even playing field. By reinventing slavery to be inclusive of all the Have nots. With the play upon words and the attitudes of prejudices and discrimination remaining in place. It serve as a smoke screen for social class of common males. It would keep the Have-nots pitted against each others over the economical scraping and the culture of racial hatred that fed their narcosis... 1. Prison Politics Prison politics is a patent ideological weapon to go up against institutionalized racism, this field of study has been ignored by socio political activities on both sides of the prison walls of course prison politics is confrontational and dangerous, it is not for the faint hearted like any game of politics. It is a theory that men play for they knows that to the victor goes the spoils of destinies. All races are clothed by institutionalized racism in and out of prison. Inst; racism is a disease that mentally incarcerates. Some of us have freed ourselves from the incarceration of infantilism. Racial polarization will exist until the social conscious forces influences a magnetic phenomena that will depolarize the prisoners of their hereditary prejudices. A prejudice that resulted from the indoctrination of fear, fraud and force. California prison politics has been such a deadly undertaking that hundreds in and out of prison has died or suffered serious injuries. We continue to work toward changing the social phenomena towards effecting the profits of the industrialists. Once that occurs, the need for prisons, begin to diminish. Because criminal behavior that produce social evils will diminish after the profit motive of the prison industrial complex is taken away. Prison does not serve the public interest. The state and federal political police started conducting a liquidation campaign against militancy and its leadership under the counter-intelligence program. The state governments would implement the unscientific theories of Thomas R. Malthus. The Thomas Malthus Plan would produce a phenomena to suppress social problems stemming from the obsolete people. By taking away the necessities of life and forcing people down a path of criminalization, with the help of drugs, street gangs, diseases, prison etc. Each of the ways would bring further deterioration to family and neighborhood of the Have nots. Plus, the Have nots were consuming and wanting to much of the natural resources. One third of the have nots were non-wage earners, they had no taxable income. (There are three socio economics level of Have-nots) 1.) Lower Have nots 2.) Middle Have nots 3.) Upper Have nots (There are three socio-economics level of Haves) 1.) Lower Haves 2.) Middle Haves 3.) Upper Haves There are three socio-economic classes 1.) Lower Have nots - Lower class 2.) Middle Have nots - Lower class 3.) Upper Have nots - Middle class Although, the public sector fraudulently believes prisons combat crime, unconsciously the public sector support the breeding of criminality by their votes and tax dollars. The politicians and special interests sell the fraud to the public regarding crime and its deterrent. The public hasn't seen past the fraud nor will they believe the Legislature sponsor social evils that produce criminal activities. The fear and fraud of crime makes the public believe in prisons as an absolute correction. Prisons and crimes serve only the private interest. 2.) The Malthus Plan What would happen if socio economical crimes were deter to the degree that the state would only have to operate three prisons, for that to happen it would mean street gangs wouldn't exist, that would mean that the drug culture would be eliminated, it also means robbery and grand larceny would diminish to the point of being obsolete. The industrialists will not stand by and allow the riddance of crime nor the end of the prison industrial complex (PIC). The industrialists would pass down military orders through the rank and file to reproduce socio economic crimes, street gangs and the drug culture. In the late 1960's the industrialists believed that the domestic security of the state governments was being threaten by a rising militancy. 1.) Lower Haves - Middle class 2.) Middle Haves - Upper class 3.) Upper Haves - Upper class There had already been an explosion of political economic and cultural revolutions throughout the world inside the United States. The winds of public opinion was beginning or becoming to sympathetic toward the lower stratum of Have nots: Military was gaining momentum in Los Angeles, CA. The economists and sociologist started preparing to implement the Malthus Plan. Its cycle period is between fifteen years and twenty five years. In 1944 California had three prisons (Chino, Folsom and San Quentin) and in 1969 eleven prisons. There was a major problem in 1968, Bunchy Carter unified the Los Angeles Black Street Gang and colored them with politics and gang activity ceased to exist. Carter had an extraordinary personality and did something that the church, politicians and police couldn't do. He defunded the Black Street Gangs which was an outstanding feature. Carter actions was interfering with the Malthus Plan. He was also the first phenomenon to transcend the prison microcosm with the science of prison politics. The state and federal political policies would sponsor the association of Bunchy Carter in January 1969. The Malthus Plan was put into motion in 1970 and by 1985, the neo-industrialist revolution gave rise and expansion of the prison industrial complex. They was preparing for a large influx of convicted Have nots. California prisons was already bursting at the seams with overcrowding and within two years new prisons would open up and by 1995 California would have thirty prisons. The execution of the Malthus Plan had been producing its desired effect for twenty five years 1970 to 1995, and it was done with precision. The obsolete Have nots majority never knew about the Legislature complicity in the wave of crime. The Crips and Bloods of South Central Los Angeles is a product of the Malthus Plan. The industrialists knew there would be no international condemnation of those legally tried and convicted under the due process fraud. The social reform legislation with the left hand, that amount to a smoke screen while the right hand of the state government would be taking away vital programs and jobs needed for a healthy life and environment. Keeping in mind that the Legislature under the direction of special interest (economists, sociologists and unions) knew that the Have nots who are unable to secure the means of legal livelihood. They would resort to whatever opportunity was available in the illegal under ground economy. The crime rate fluctuated during the 1970's. Then in 1980's the social phenomenon exploded with violent gangs, drug/alcohol addiction, diseases, inferior education and the loss of extra-curriculars, closing public libraries and mental health facilities, rapes, unemployment, homelessness and murder, sky rocketed. The cutting of General Relief etc. All systematically done to control the obsolete have nots along a path of disenfranchisement. 3.) CCPOA-Union The California Correctional Peace Officer association from its early years of history to the present operates under a system of five distinct social characteristics (i.e racism, chauvinism, irrationalism, inhumanity and obscurantism). Those prison guards who didn't inherited one or more of the above characteristics prior to working for the prison industrial complex (PIC) they would acquire the characteristic inside the prison theater. The CCPOA prison guards is organized around their union executive president. He unites all the social characteristic around general interest of salaries first and then principles of a morality that differ from the morality of society. The morality of its membership are politically ignorant and refuse to see themselves as an instrument of a underground policy that create dissenters of the state/federal constitution when it comes to dealing with the prison populace. Their behavior, action and attitudes or moral weakness makes the CCPOA enemies of the state/federal constitution. Political realities showed that the Black Panther party membership was more of a protector of both constitutions then any of the so-called peace officers association. The diversification of the Prison Guard union occurred in the 1970's after females and males of colors (i.e. Blacks Latino's & Asians) was hired as Prison Guards. The old boy network of the Prison Guard union viewed the new intakes as inferiors, and not because of their shorter span of work services as Prison Guards. The female pioneers of the 1970's had to prostitute for acceptance an advancement. The only exception was those females who married within the union. The males of color had to show themselves to be collaborators of institutionalized racism. The outside contractors (free personnel) working inside the prison theater. Their employment was based upon not seeing, hearing and speaking no evil against the CCPOA Prison Guards. By the mid-1980's, the racism inside the CCPOA work place and union had done its Purging Mission. The majority of Black CCPOA members was forced to establish a subsidiary union. A few emasculated Black CCPOA brush aside the racism by remaining inside the union. The CCPOA would take full advantage of the emasculated Blacks by occasionally allowing them to give press release as a spokesperson. It make the CCPOA union appear to be Color Blind. The CCPOA Prison Guards has never had any training in counter intelligence to act in a covert way. Their motives of arbitrarily dividing the prison populace into racial antagonistic classes is openly done. They aid in promoting the Gang Culture and fueling crime all towards transferring the social phenomena to the outside Have nots neighborhoods. The CCPOA prison guards in collaboration with the prison intelligence units (i.e. S.S.U, ISU and IGI) had by 1990 succeeded in the igniting socio political vortex inside California's prisons that spreaded like a wild fire outside of prisons. 4.) Conspiracy theory We constantly hear about the federal R.I.C.O charges being filed against this or that organizations. Its stunning that the CCPOA-union have never been under investigation for conspiracy, obstruction of criminal investigation, racketeering, seditious conspiracy, violent crimes and murder. The CCPOA-union primary and secondary objectives are; 1.) The growth of (P.I.C) by helping to supply it with a slave workforce and warehouse surplus unemployable. 2.) The build up and strengthening of the union socio-political power by persuasion or by coercion. 3.) Utilizing the prison theater to construct counterinsurgency training video tapes and manuals for the military-industrial-complex. 4.) Influencing the phenomena of racial alienation and antagonism amongst the prison populace. Spawning racial fighting killing and riots beyond the prison microcosm. 5.) Influencing street gang members into domestic terrorist. 6.) Preventing a political coalition between the working Have nots of color. While the CCPOA did everything with its left hand to influence the Legislators in favor of a domestic Street Terrorism Bill. Their lobbying camouflage the real motives, which is profit. The CCPOA right hand was the driving force behind domestic street gangs terrorism. The psychological controlling of gang members minds doesn't take a degree in psychology. The use of Fear, Fraud and Force to influence gangs stereotypical way of thinking occurs throughout a gang members prison term. 5.) Diabolical plan The instruments of institutionalized racism (i.e. prison administrators, prison intelligence unit and CCPOA) plans are diabolical and has to do with establishing the best geographic region to seed and harvest a new type of gang (i.e. ethnic cleansing gangs). The historical Black and Mexican gangs who occasionally fought against each other would limit the fighting, and killing to gang members only, but the new gangs aren't differentiating between gang members and law abiding civilian. The inner cities that populated with people of color has a fertile land mass that's rich in the human material (Blacks/Mexicans) needed, to supply the (P.I.C) with a slave workforce and warehousing the surplus labor force. The instruments of institutionalized racism plans also call for interfering with the law abiding Have nots right to vote and economic development. By using Black and Mexican street gang members to fuel domestic terrorism. Inside of California prisons, the instruments has created the conditions to perpetuate racial hatred between street gang members who were inactive inside prisons between the years of 1944-1984. Californias four historical groups of prisoners had kept incoming street gang members in a state of inactivity for decades while deterring them away from returning to street gang activities upon paroling from prison. The CCPOA prison guards and the prison intelligence unit went on a six year sweeping removal of the four principal historical groups from the general prison theater. With the absent of the four principals socio-political forces. The street gang members inside California's prison was activated and free to use force recklessly while spreading their social disease of infantilism by 1995. They had families, neighbors and communities outside the prison microcosm. Racial riots in the public school system can be link to California prisons. The inner cities must be viewed in a geo-economic context if we are to fully understand the CCPOA and PIU underground policies that justifies disenfranchisement of the Have nots. Today (2009) the CCPOA has a membership of about 17,000 and upon speculation, not a single CCPOA member live in the region of South Central Los Angeles with its gang population nearing thirty thousand, and Southern California in its totality having a gang population nearing one hundred thousand. Places like South Central is seen as a foreign city and its inhabitants as foreigners. The CCPOA do not see the inhabitants of South Central as fellow Californias. 6.) Counter insurgent The CCPOA prison guards is the main auxiliary troops for the prison industrial complex (PIC), and lets not look over the PIC being a subsidiary for the military industrial-complex (MIC). The prison theaters are used as a training school for the (MIC) Domestic Suppression Policy Play Book. The auxiliary troops of prison guards along with Prison Intelligence Unit (P.I.U) are engaged in counter insurgent training. California now has over 170,000 plus prisoners who served as the Civilian populace during the Training exercises. The thirty or more prisons serve as inner cities neighborhoods which allow for the physical simulating of potential situations. The emergencies and incidents that the prisoners provides is a good substitute for civilian unrest during the training in the areas of: 1.) Population lock down and control movement. 2.) Random searches while trashing and vandalizing personal property. 3.) Crowd control techniques with the use of full riot gear for psychological intimidation. 4.) The using of automatic military weapons, chemical agents, rubber and wood bullets and tasers to incapacitated both passive and rowdy persons. 5.) Using hand held metal detector and walk through detector, pat down searches, strip searches, drug sniffing dogs, laying on the ground in a prone position. 6.) Using psychiatric drugs for over active behavior etc. 7.) Social isolation, quarantine, forcible relocation, deportation, extraction, racial segregation and ethnic cleansing. 8.) Social engineering by use of fear, fraud and force, sensory deprivation, snitching for privileges, racial profiling, set ups, black mailing, phone taps, listening device, mail tampering, censorship, mass punishment, murder, assault and using reformed gang leaders as collaborators. Every aspect of the prison populace is utilized in the counter insurgent training: The science of breaking the human spirit and forcing individuals to become turncoats, during the witch hunt. The main objective of CCPOA in their collaboration with other peace officers association (i.e. sheriff and city police) is the criminalization of the eligible voters in the targeted city zones. By using domestics terrorism of street gangs toward the slashing of funds for public education, public services, health care, jobs and housing while using the Have nots to collaborate in their own destruction. By black mailing the Law Abiding into surrendering their civil liberties in the war against Drugs and Domestic Terrorism. By the year 2019 the people of color will constitute a two third majority of California voters and will occupy the three branches of state government. Thereby, the political economy of California would be under people of color influence and control. The primary objectives of the industrialists is to use institutionalized racism toward the militarization of the political economy of each state. 7.) Cannibalizing The prison culture is predatory and each racial class will cannibalize their own kind, its an act of self preservation. Long before the convicted prisoners enter the prison microcosm. Their mind has already been incarcerated with institutionalized racism. Because of the close proximity to other races, those feeling receptive to a integrated social intercourse will have to be re-indoctrinated and reorientated to the morality of racism. Those convicts having certain resources or abilities must use it in the service of their racial class. In an antagonistic environment such as prison, racial social relations stand oppose to other races. Therefore, racial necessity traps each race into social oppression from their own taking away men free will... (THE ART OF RACISM) 8. 1.) The underlying principle of a racist is manifested in their hereditary prejudice. 2.) The truly artistic racist cannot be seen by their outward appearance, they wash their racial hatred through polite behavior and conduct, rules, and regulation, procedure and discretion. 3.) They are truly Artist in the Professional sense. 4.) Racism inside of the CDCR is the most potent ideological and political weapon at hand. 5.) The tactics of using fear and fraud allow the racist to slander the targets of their racial hatred via the media. 6.) The falsification of official files and the slanderous inventions of criminal activities is the Artist painting of images that portray. 7.) Those Artists who can demonstrate specific types of racism are prompted, thereby taking their art work beyond the bounds of the Prison Microcosm. 8.) Pure racism elevate the Artist and free them from society restraints. 9.) Mastery of the Artist is having the ability to stimulate, inject and inspire discriminate through blending words, color, shade, scope and proportions towards morally influencing others along the line of their emotional, ideological and political bias. 10.) The art of diversity, collisions and harmony, the intertwining racial opposites. Only the truth will be what establish a conscious society, so it is important that we share it with all who will listen. Because mental freedom is rooted in "our" Truths... So all those who believe in truth, lets dispel the lies... "one Love / one struggle" PBSP-SHU (Short corridor) "MUTOPE-DUGUMA" Slave name: [redacted] New Afrikan Name : MUTOPE DUGUMA

Author: Duguma, Mutope

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 18 pages

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