Intended to punish

Brownell, Charles A.



Intended to Punish By: Charles Brownell P1 FD Arkansas is a horrible and terrifying State in regards to their Judicial and Criminal Justice System. This is especially true for anyone accused of sex offense allegations as those accused of sex crimes have a bleak minuscule chance of beating the charges, innocent or not. Majority being between 98% to 99% of males accused of sex offense allegations will go to Prison in the Arkansas Division of Correction (ADC). This number is drastically different for females who receive differential treatment in all offenses in Arkansas. Of the 98% to 99% going to prison on Sex Offense allegations, 75% or more will have Zero or little evidence and will be prosecuted on Hear-Say and not factual evidence. Coincidentally the majority of these 98% to 99% will be defended by the State owned and managed Public Defender attorney. This Public Defender will have and admit zero evidence for the defense to actually defend the accused in majority of cases. So many People with solid concrete evidence in their favor that there's no possible way they committed the allegation they're accused of and will still go to ADC Prison by plea agreement or Jury Conviction irregardless of possession or complete lack of evidence by Prosecution but entirely by "Claim" or word alone! If accused of a sex offense and male gender, the odds are 98% to 99% you will go to Prison is sick! This is even in the absence of a "rape kit," absence of physical evidence, absence of DNA material evidence for prosecution and so often absence of any evidence for the defense. The "required" need for "proof beyond reasonable doubt" is ignored in all sex offense cases in Arkansas courts. P2 All the courts are bias in a sex offense. The worst fact is that in majority of Sex Offense cases, the accuser (supposed victim) doesn't prosecute the case. No! The State takes it and prosecutes pressing "charges." Given the monetary revenue gains and benefits for the State and all involved in a conviction, and the fact that the Court, the Judge, the Prosecuting Attorney, and the Public Defender Defense Attorney are also all State employees of whom stand to receive financial gain like the State from a conviction. And financial gain for them all from the State owned and operated ADC Prison makes this a Conflict of Interest! It's a conflict of interest as per Judicial and Attorney Rules of Conduct and Canons. Judge's and Attorney's priorities go to The State, The Court, The People, lastly the Client and they can be all for the "Client" so long as it doesn't violate the needs or agenda of the Court, the State, or the People. This makes it the Court's, Judge's and Attorney's best "interest" and their "agenda" to put people into Prison for monetary gains and benefits. This makes all "State of Arkansas v. [Real Person]" cases illegal and unconstitutional by Conflict of Interest mistrial. The accused had no real or true representation and wall illegally railroaded into Prison by biased false conviction. A review of all cases ever handled in the State of Arkansas will prove this and serve as absolute evidence. Per the "hear-say" act, hear-say is not admissible evidence in Court. This is also true of the fake science inaccurate polygraph and voice stress analysis. In Arkansas, Hear-Say, Polygraph, Intended to Punish P3 FD By: Charles Brownell and Voice Stress Analysis are still used as supporting evidence in Sex Offense allegation cases. If it supports the prosecution, the results are used however if it supports the defense it'll suddenly be thrown out as "inconclusive." Defense cannot use this because it's all inadmissible for defense. This is a gross misuse of power as it's proof that it's "good and ok" if it supports corrupt agenda but is "bad and unusable" if it supports the accused who in most cases is the real victim. Many if not majority of the Court cases in Arkansas are prosecuted and won on only "Hear-Say" alone. Some cases, prosecution has circumstantial evidence and very few cases have substantial evidence for prosecution. People so easily forget that All Statements and Signatures given while detained (held captive by any means) are automatically under threat, duress, and coercion. Any and all Statements, verbal or written, any documents written, and any signatures on any documents given to anyone police or anyone by a detained person is inadmissable because they're given under threat of Gun and/or assumed retaliation or harm making them under Duress and Coercion. No Statement whilst detained is ever given "willfully". This is true also in the courtroom where captives are still under threat of Gun (see Officers' side arms). This is the reason a Prisoner or Detained person cannot be bound by any signed contract nor statement. The only exception is a corrupt exception of when it supports or benefits the Criminal Justice system and can possibly help obtain an illegal conviction. In other words, when the exception conveniently supports P4 the State and Court agenda. Best example of this was an article "When is a Child considered an Adult?" Here the author pointed out that a Child is considered Adult when it conveniently supports their agenda for the U.S. Criminal Justice System to justify putting a Juvenile (Child) in adult prison to turn the child into monetized bonds and slaves! In 2017 it was in the News and Democratic Gazette of a Judge accepting Corrupt bribes to place Children in Juvenile Detention Centers (JDC) and Prisons! ADC Prisons do not facilitate Reform and Rehabilitation! ADC facilitates retaliation, retribution, punishment, abuse, torture, mental damages, torment, discrimination, hate, and murder. ADC harbors and facilitates very illegal and criminal activity of their Staff and Inmates for monetary gains. ADC pushes and enforces slavery for gains in revenue as they lie saying "All Inmate Jobs are Optional and Voluntary." They claim the same for all programs and yet all Inmates are punished greatly and often harshly for not working or going to programs. Inmates are forced to live in archaic and barbaric conditions under the abuse, torment, and murders of Inmate Rule in illegal and unconstitutional barracks as per Holt v. Sarver and Finney v. Arkansas Board of Correction that caused the movie Brubaker to be made about the Arkansas Cummins Unit and Tucker Unit. There's no security or protection as proven by Smith v. Norris and Smith v. Arkansas Department of Correction. Even in the Coronavirus Covid-19 with the visitation shutdown and prison lockdown, K2 (deuce), weed, ICE (Meth), and cell phones are still coming in abundantly and are everywhere! Violent Intended to Punish P5 FD By: Charles Brownell and known troublemaker Inmates are placed in the Open Barracks of Class I program inmates to cause fights and start problems so that disciplinaries can be given out. If an Inmate doesn't defend themselves they may die and if they live, they'll still get a violent charge for fighting and be locked in solitary. If the defending Inmate does fight, they get a disciplinary and violent charge. If the defending Inmate accidentally kills their attacker in self defense, it's an automatic Life Sentence. There's no protection nor security and you cannot protect yourself. If you say anything to the officers and give a statement, the staff will tell the Inmate who told on them and what was said. If you give a written statement, Staff will give a copy to the offending inmate and/or their Gang they're affiliated with and this person's often murdered as a snitch. Worse, even if your moved to another facility, with cell phones, Staff will tell everyone as will laundry inmates where you went and they'll send word to have you murdered there. Anyone imprisoned for a "sex offense" in Arkansas is heavily targeted by Staff and Inmates and is heavily discriminated! All Sex Offenses are classified as "Violent" Offenses though nearly all are Non-Violent and this is used to increase the false appearance of risk of the Offender of whom often either made a one time horrible mistake or is actually innocent of their crime. Sex Offenders cannot get legal help or it is very difficult because no one wants the label of being a "Sex Offender" sympathizer nor do they want to go against ADC for fear of retaliation. This is much like P6 the famous Brian Banks case that was turned into the movie called "Brian Banks." The end reveals a long list of people in on only hear-say and were innocent. This is also like the more recently released Alan Newton falsely imprisoned for Rape he never actually committed! ADC and the State use the fact a person has a Sex Offense to punish them further by denying right to participate in what are supposed to be equal opportunity programs such as work release, 309, and others of which the Inmate actually gets to go to work a free world job and get paid allowing them to support themselves and/or their family being a productive tax paying member of society. Sickly the State charges those who work like this $110 a week in Rent/Housing on top of all they get from all other sources for housing the Inmate so it is all about money. Sex Offenders are not allowed to have most of the good "slaver" jobs of the prison. Sex Offenders are not allowed to work nor participate in programs outside the fense while everyone else except those with escape charges can. The only exception is if a warden gives the Sex Offender a special ID Class (1D) as they can only be in class IC (1C) or If a Sex Offender is assigned to Hoe Squad, Garden Squad, or Field Utility (All are Hoe Squad) to go manually slave the plantation fields and ground as punishment. Sex Offenders are not allowed to be released on Early Parole (EPA) or early kickout and majority of Sex Offenders are forced to do time way beyond their actual parole date commonly being forced by the corrupt Parole Board to serve 50% or more of their Intended to Punish P7 FD By: Charles Brownell total sentence as a forced punishment. This is even if the Inmate does everything ADC wants and stays completely out of trouble. Good time is not used as it is supposed to be and most are denied their Court set vested interest of Parole so there's no incentive to be on good behavior or follow corrupt orders or direction. This is why no one cares and suicide is such a big issue. Suicide by drug overdose being most common. I tried twice with asprin! All Sex Offenders are forced to endure the Sex Offender Risk and Notification Assessment which violates all 5th Amendment Rights of forced self incrimination because it is all arbitrary and is rigged. If you refuse or request your right to have an attorney present you're automatically classified as "high risk" or a "predator" because it's intended to provide continued punishment of the Offender in their "witch hunt". Funny how afraid they are of recording devices or the presence of an attorney just in a "risk assessment". All Arkansas Sex Offenders are forced to endure the RSVP program for males and SOFT program for females. RSVP forces everyone to relive in detail the "events" or lie about events to match their "police report" and to create a time line that provide what "they" expect and want to see to explain your alleged predatory desires. Oh but wait, It's a "job" per ADC not program thus ADC gets paid for every Inmate who takes this class thus the reason it is forced, mandatory, stipulated, not because it helps or is useful but because it makes money and if new info P8 on a crime is obtained, ADC reports it to prosecution so they can give you more charges! It's sick! The State of Arkansas, upon your release, will treat you like dirt. Your forced to register everything and Notify everyone so good luck finding a place to live and getting a job. The parole officer can arbitrarily force you to move or quit your job or else violate your parole just because. Well actually, it's a good "bonus" check for them putting you back in prison. Your parole can be violated for having a cell phone with internet access, for having magazines with women or children in them because they'll lie and say it's pornographic or you were using it as such. Any little thing a parole officer can think of, they can bust you for. Holidays are a freakin nightmare! ADC and the State of Arkansas, even the majority of the U.S. will continue to punish you by all means possible, even murder. In so many cases and ways, you'd have actually been better off if the State gave you a death sentence and carried it out before even proceed with a trial. Level 4 sex offenders can barely risk going shopping. Great evidence of the discrimination, shaming, and punishment can be seen in the "mock-up" of the ADC actual Document titled "Actions Have Consequences." The first paragraph explains how when getting out of prison, your success in staying out depends upon your ability to find housing and a job thus making it quite evident if you're on the Sex Intended to Punish P9 FD Offender registration, this is automatically not possible or easy and is a form of continued or extended punishment. The second paragraph supports this by the inability to work or live at or in places and the shaming is super obvious. The third paragraph does an amazing job explaining how Sex Offenders are further discriminated in the ADC prisons by denial of equal opportunity to programs and other considerations (Please see "Mock Up" or actual Document titled, "Actions Have Consequences.") It's sad how bad the State of Arkansas is and how dissolute. It becomes very eviden the corruption in the treatment and handling of Citizens. People labeled as "Sex Offenders in Public, in Court Cases, in Prison. Failure to Register cases fake or arbitrary parole violations and corrupt parole practices. The evidence resides in all the State Documentation if anyone would just go look at it. Doing so and anyone would see the archaic and barbaric conditions and treatment causing the movie Brubaker and many others to be made. You'll see how little or no evidence is used or exists in most cases. You'll see how ADC and the Arkansas State System is only intended to punish especially the current witch hunt on "Sex Offenders" and is not about public safety nor the stopping or reduction of crime because "crime" is a multi billion dollar industry! Document Title: Actions Have Consequences Subtitle: "Obey the Law ADC Logo Arkansas Dep. of Correction Document Heading: "Indecent Exposure & Sex Offender Registry" Document Body: "Your success in the free world depends upon your ability to find housing and employment: therefore, you are being notified that acts of Indecent Exposure could result in a felony conviction and registration as a sex offender. Your relationships with others upon release can be negatively affected by current behavior if you have to explain why you can't live within 2000 feet of a park, school, daycare, etc., or why you can't be employed in the family business. Does your family want the world to know that a sex offender resides at their address? Do you want the world to know that your family has a sex offender in the home? Registration as a sex offender requires community notification. Convictions for Indecent Exposure or Public Masterbation can be used to deny Inmates from EPA, Work Release, 309 Programs, etc." Footer: "Post In Inmate Living Areas"

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: July 20, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 10 pages

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