Introduction: First time offenders

Curtis, Denton Brantley



Introduction: First Time Offenders I Administrative Prison officials and Authority II Religion: The inmate's/convicts disguise III Violence: Prison Ganges. The Hustle IV Psychological affairs within the prison system V Repeat offenders VI Unlawful relations between inmates and administrative officers VII the inmates re-entry back into society (Note: the contents of each topic is not aimed at any prison official within North Carolina's prison system, but is intended to expose my experience within North Carolina's prison system) "First Time Offenders" I can remember vividly where I dwelt and how it felt to be in the county jail, convicted of murder on my way to prison. The reality of the choice I made and the consequences that looked me in the face caused me to experience a pain so severe that suicide was my attempt. In the Guilford County Jail suicidal behavior earns you a special place, a single cell away from normal population of inmates. I am not writing about Christianity or having a relationship with God, however it was in the midst of the pain that resided, by which Jesus Christ the LORD took up permanently residence in my soul! The truth (subjectively speaking) is that every man, more so young men entering jail/prison being convicted of a crime face some type of pain (depression, grief, sorrow). Ultimately it is what or how this pain is handled (kept or released) that will determine the paths traveled and the attitude displayed throughout a man's prison term. I've seen the biggest, baddest, most coldblooded men enter the county jail/prison and have a psychological and emotional break down after being confronted with the severity of the crime committed. As stated earlier an inmate's behavioral characteristics have origin (beginning) within the pain an inmate faces upon entering jail/prison. Someone might say, "Well I know people who have been convicted of a crime place in jail/prison who showed no type of pain, or emotional and psychological breakdown. First and foremost let me say that men can be deceptive, and the pride of a man can allow him to hide his true self for a little while, but in the fullness of time, the condition of his identity will be exposed. Secondly let me remind the recipient of this topic that we're still dealing with first time offenders, men who were or had entered jail/prison the way I did. I had no prior charges nor had I been placed in jail or prison. I was never arrested. My knowledge of jail/prison was minute and unclear. Although I had family members who had served time within the North Carolina prison system, none of them sat down with me to discuss their experience. So like myself, a vast majority of first time offenders experience pain unbearable, due to the fact of being disconnected from the life and people they love. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the men who don't feel this kind of pain upon entering jail or prison are most likely repeat offenders, men who have become immune to the pain of entering the prison system. For such men entering jail/prison is custom, however repeat offenders is another topic that we will discuss later on. I have purposely written very little about first time offenders. Due to the fact that everything else concerning first time offenders will be detailed and concise within the seven hot topics listed concerning my experience within North Carolina's prison system. I don't expect the recipient of these topics to agree with me. That which is written is non-fiction however subjective it is founded on my experience and what I've learned within North Carolina's prison system. Also note; that the tools needed to make the writing more suitable, and presentable are not at my disposal. I am sending the contents page and the introduction for now, the rest of the seven topics will follow. God Bless

Author: Curtis, Denton Brantley

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: April 21, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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