Freeman, Jamaal



Jamaal Freeman Alabama Introspection Topic: Thoughts of A Konvict "The divine manifestation of God!?*" Prisons are a place where criminals are confined for breaking the laws within a society, that is governed by laws, and law enforcers. I'm a J-3 (Konvict) being held by the Alabama Department of Corrections. I've been doing time since the beginning of the civil rights movement. The penitentiary has been a means of education for myself and many African American, + Alabamian men (gods) whom strive to better themselves by obtaining true knowledge of themselves by obtaining true knowledge of themselves. When I entered into this temple, I was hungry for the essentials of life, which are none other than love, truth, peace, freedom, justice. My education level was not very high, when I arrived here in prison: meaning that my mind wasn't developed for what I was up against. I immediately acknowledged the fact that if I was going to survive within this world of worlds, I needed to prepare myself for war. I enrolled in the G.E.D program at Easterling Correctional Facility, where I started my thinking process. My next most valuable move was Crime Bill Sap, which is none other than a Federal funded substance abuse program. While in drug treatment I enhanced my thinking skills and was drawn to poetry, psycology, and spirituality. Crime Bill Sap, and the G.E.D program educated me in many ways. I was ignited by some inner force other than myself to read books, such as novels, Bible, dictionary, psychology, philosophy, and last but not least learn by history, which is none other than Black History! My favorite authors are: Phil Collins, John B, Justin Timberlake, Arrow Smith, Sidney Sheldon, Harold Robbins, Donald Goines, Marcus Garvey, Frederick Douglass, 2 Pac Shakur, Outcast (Andre 3000 + Big Boi), Brad Jordan, UGK, Kirk Franklin, Sigmund Freud, King Solomon, King David, Moses, Willie Lynch, Jesus, Goodie Mob, Alicia Keys, Erica Badu, Ice Cube, Eminem, Jay-Z, CM + YM (Baby, Wayne, + Drake). Iceburg Slim, Slick Rick (Rick tha Ruler), George Jackson, George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, Langston Hughes, and the list goes on and on. As a Konvict I've been a loyal fan of many writer's, but I'm mostly attracted not to physical beauty, but more so to the spiritual, and mental capabilities of the writer's! Within this composition I am going to share with you myself, and the many words that I AM, or would like to believe that I am! Therefore I will share my views, and the views of other's on the experiences within this system called prison! I humbly ask you (the reader) to bare with me as I humbly express to you prisons existing within the confinements of my mind! I (Jamaal Freeman) was raised in the streets of Birmingham, Alabama. A city that I Love with all my heart, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't be the man that I am today had it not been for my experience's as a young black male within the city of Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham, Alabama is known worldwide for it's civil rights demonstrations in the 60's. I wasn't born then, but the reflections, and images of dog's being sent to attack me, and hose pipe's spraying me with pressure's that knocked me to the ground, and beat me at a rapid pace are still in my mind! I sometimes have flashbacks as I eat in the chowhall, of those days back then (Tha civil rights movement). I share my struggle with all who are a part of me, and where I've come from (Montgomery bus boycott). Rosa Parks isn't from Birmingham, but her stand, or should I say sit was a historic turn of events for Alabama, and the south as a whole! Steve Biko once stated that a struggle with no casualties is no struggle. From what I've read and witnessed in the state of Alabama, it's safe to say that my state alone has suffered many (African American casualties). Some of my education and earliest form of obedience was learned in the church where I was groomed, as a christian boy who ushered every Sunday at my grandfathers church (Mt. Olive Community Church). I wasn't taught to be a thinker in church or school, but I now realize that I was being programmed to be a slave, instead of a freeman! So reader's, as you can see I was mislead by the lies (falsehood) of prison (society)! I was taught to believe that a Santa Claus existed, I was taught to believe in the easter bunny, I was taught to believe in the tooth fairy. Yeah, right! All of these thing's my church, and the school's taught me. The one thing they didn't teach me was the truth! By seeking Gods truth I've found my truth, and that I am the maker and controller of whatever prison I find myself in. Some prisons are mental, some are physical and some are spiritual, truthfully I exist in all of them periodically! The question is how long do I plan to be free? The Alabama penal system has forced me to adapt to my environment wherever I am placed, or stationed! One way that I cope with incarceration is by reading. There are many methods that I exercise, and exorcise to stay free, and mentally stable. Conditions within most Alabama prisons are stressful, and at times unbearable. I often meditate and pray, just to survive around slave's that hate the fact that you're free and they're not. Outlet's are a means of escape for me, and some of my outlets are lifting weight's, listening to music, poetry, constructing collage's, bible study, and just using my time to the best of my natural manly ability. Prison institutions operate by the conformity of whatever the administration attempts to implement. It has a staff that follows order's, but most times those order's only confuse the components or agents, because the power that they think they possess is artificial. By the time they realize that there power is artificial, they have become a slave to the artificiality of their fake selve's! Being a Konvict is a part of a code that only true doers, thinker's, and knower's can comprehend, because we acknowledge God as a Supreme Intelligence. I now know that Jesus was a manifestation of God in the flesh, and that we can communicate with God through Jesus. John 8:12 12. Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, "I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life." Phillippians 4:13 13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. These scriptures are the keys of freedom if they are applied properly. I am a free thinker, and words give me that power, to be free! John 1:1-2 In the beginning was the word, and the Word was God. 2. He was in the beginning with God. According to the scriptures of the New King James Holy Bible the Word (God) was the beginning. So, words are intelligent beings, and these beings (Jamaal, + Bryce) have the ability to free themselves from prison. Being placed within a solitary cell I often create activities for myself, so that I can be freed from the materialistic prisons of the mortal's. Therefore it's a must that I pray and meditate with my inner man whenever we are not being disturbed by jealousy, envy, + distrust, and whatever else that satan breeds! Motivation is a tool used to push me forward (Movement), and my movement is fueled by those who are not for the Konvict's? Hypocrit, + hypocrisy! A Konvict is one who is loyal to God and has faithfully prayed and asked God for guidance. My word is as good as I allow it to be, and I've allowed my word's to be great, and infinite! As a Konvict I encourage any and all to continue to strive to prevent themselves from becoming a wayside tragedy. Amen. I've seen the light and I now acknowledge the fact that the word of God (Jesus), is the light of the world. Proverbs 20:24 24 A man's steps are of the Lord; How then can a man understand his own way? As you can clearly see, scripture's are a part of my personal thought process. Whatever I think, whatever I do, myself, my senses, be honest be true! All I really want in life as a Konvict, is to be true. I have faith that the people as a whole will continue to progress, but the strength dwells within oneself. Prisons are filled with intelligent scholar's, athlete's, artist, musician's, writer's, poets, rapper's, thinker's, knower's, and last but not least doers! I sincerely pray that a better observation of individuals behind the walls of prisons will be taken, because we all have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God. It is my personal duty as a Konvict and a freeman to focus on a solution that will be beneficial to me as a Konvict, and those that are of the same mindset as myself. Unitarian conduct depends upon principle discipline and submission to democratic centralism, instead of egoism! My belief is my belief, but truthfully in most prisons, it's best to fight with your mind, body, + soul. Also one must know that he or she can never stop fighting for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, + Justice. The Konvict that I am today, is one who's still fighting for his spirit, and mind. In all retrospect the price that I have pAid for myself and my people has been paid not by dead presidents, but by the Blood, Sweat, and Years of my personal experience's. I am not bitter, but I do encourage any and all people to continue to be humble, meek, and faithful. Konvict's are very intelligent being's whom are in a constant struggle against a system (penal) that has breeded a mentality of slavery, and not freedom. I think that prisons should use more entertainment as a means of education, such as movies, fieldtrips, an music. These methods can aid + assist society in many ways. Konvict's can speak-out to the people in a positive light, by sharing their testimonies with the world! It's all about having a voice that carries divine intelligence, and not stupidity. I trust that the reader of this konstruction will enjoy my sincere and humble efforts on what works in prisons, and what doesn't work. I want all of my glory to go to God, and his only begotten Son (Jesus), who is the true champion, of champion's! Amen $till $trugglin Word !?*

Author: Freeman, Jamaal

Author Location: Alabama

Date: April 22, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 12 pages

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