Investing… one hour at a time!

Minatani, Rev. Dr. Corey



Opinion Originally Published 4-10-18, "I Hope" Newsletter, Yacolt, WA Larch Corrections Center Investing...One Hour at a Time! By Corey Minatani Investing. Most people think money, real estate, or vintage art. I suggest you. Invest in yourself. Most people think negatively. About what? Life. Money. Respect. Self-worth. The last is the most important; your self-worth. Increasing self-worth can be a challenge. What fun would life be without challenges? Believing you're worthy to stand tall with anybody is my definition of self-worth. In order to feel able to stand tall next to anyone else, you have to invest in yourself thus creating increased self-worth. As someone who has done a few challenging things on the streets, I can tell you, here at LCC, there are plenty of ways to invest in yourself and increase your self-worth. How? Well, get involved in voluntary programming like Toastmasters, increasing speaking and leadership skills. Attend AA/NA and chair a position like literature chair, secretary or chairman. This is free leadership training citizens pay cash for seminars to gain such skills. How about Clark College? Top notch Business and GED/ABE classes. I've attended lots of colleges; Clark College here at LCC is great! Help disaster victims and yourself in the Chaplain's Art's for Healing program. Apply to the Art Club. Join religious services, the folks who volunteer for those programs come in because they care about your future! Join or try out for a sports team or be part of a diversity club like Hispanic, African American, Native American, or Veteran group. People on the streets do all these things to invest in themselves, their families, their community, their people, and their country. You can too. Start now. Carpe Diem, Latin for, "Seize the day!" Didn't know Latin? Now you do! It's that easy to invest in yourself and increase self-worth. The more self-worth you have the more worth you have to everybody else. Arigato (Thank you, Japanese) Issue #28 Page 5

Author: Minatani, Rev. Dr. Corey

Author Location: Washington

Date: December 19, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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