Is it really about George

Weber, C. Walter



WEBER/is it really about george-1 June 4, 2020 -IS IT REALLY ABOUT GEORGE- -What are the people doing out there? They say that all of this rioting and looting and such is for this black man being killed in Minneapolis, but is that what they are looting from the stores on the sides of their own streets for? The poor Korean country immigrant who came here to start his own family business and seek out the American dream of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of his own Happiness? Or the Norwegian man who brought his own family here to start his own restaurant, who is now having it kicked in by criminals who claim it is in the name of this man George Floyd... And what about the Native American white man who was born in this country, and has raised his family to stand on the side of righteousness, who is now having his auto body shop broken into so that the thieves can steal from him? When these things happen, it is not time to prey on one another by racial division, and stealing from each others markets, houses, or cars, and seek out complete anarchy in our streets; but rather, it is time that we all come together and hold the people accountable who are responsible for this corruption within our police departments and our governments at large. But how can we do that when we are fighting amongst ourselves, and stealing each others property? By doing such things we force the victims of these crimes to have to place his attention on the person who is now victimizing him, by either picking up a gun to defend his own property, family, and himself, or else call the police to come to his aid against the criminals, bringing the true enemy to assist him, which reflects positively on the police as a whole, bringing more understanding to the police departments and less understanding to the cause at hand. We watched this same occurrence take place in 1992 after the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles. That was the closest I had seen us come to a righteous revolution to change the corruption going on in our government and the same thing happened... As I've said in my speech "Slavery Transformed", WE THE PEOPLE have to stick together against these corrupt sevants of the state if we want to ever stop them from their own criminal actions, but when we prove ourselves to be worse criminals than they are then we give all of the power right back to them, and the huge murder they just committed by killing another innocent man is swept under the rug as an ‘isolated incident’, and the so-called ‘greater good' is able to maintain its own corrupt power. If we ever want to take down these corrupt state officials, and the police following their example in our streets, we must come together and not allow our own greed and lust for anarchy to overtake our cause. We must stand up, but through petitions, protest, and standing together as one people, of all races, cultures and political organizations. It can't be a racial thing. ALL LIVES MATTER!!! I feel this on a personal level due to my own father being shot and killed by 9 bullets in his back as he attempted to run from a stolen car in Santa Rosa California on September 15, 1990. My father was a 31 year old white man, who murdered by a white officer named John Duayne Noland. This murder at the hands of police officers goes both ways and through all races. These pigs and our government have come to believe themselves to be above the law, and we must stand up, and bring these powers down and under the control of WE THE PEOPLE, who they as State and Federal Officials are to govern under the consent of WE THE PEOPLE!!! How many people from every race would have stood behind the Rodney King protests if it would not have been turned into a race war, and opportunity to commit crimes? I would have. I Will. And I Am. But I do it through diplomacy in the legal department, by helping the people to fight for their own rights in my own community behind these walls. Like Aerosmith said in my own time and the Beetles before them, "Come Together". Only as one people will we overcome my friends. Let us not destroy our Movements by dividing ourselves from one another. It's not one race under the current state of corruption. It is the entire American race, and the current government must be Dismantled, Changed and Rebuilt from the outside to the inside and inside to outside these prison walls. In Strength and Solidarity, C. Walter Weber Tiller of the Earth

Author: Weber, C. Walter

Author Location: Washington

Date: June 4, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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