Is it wrong to lock a kid up

Martinez, Brandon



[No Title] August 25, 10 Is it wrong to lock up a kid for the rest of his entire life. Does society get comfort that he is put away forever. Out of sight, out of mind. Or is it just about enhancing there political aspirations. What really is politically correct. Have we ever once paused to determine what is morally right. Taken anything into account. What a great travesty that no compassion nor mercy exists as there swept discreetly away. Proclaiming to society "Its once again safe". Putting there mind at ease. Lets not get it misconstrued. I concur wholeheartedly. Indeed many youth should be punished to a certain extent. All too many if released back into the community, will potentially reoffend. Then again the recidivism rate has a tendency to fluctuate. Locking as many youth up as possible for the duration of there lives is not ideal nor practical. Never once considering the long term impact. With a budget deficit constantly in the red. Its absurd to have funds available at every beck and call of the system. Yet have no money for education. In the process having the audacity to raise tuition. California is indeed the lock up state, with 33 prisons across the land. These kids grow old in prison. With age comes conditions and ailments. Now we got skyrocketing health care to contend with. Everyday a new bill is enacted. By flashing across the screen an abhorrent act of violence, hook, line, and sinker your sold the moment they declare "Let's get tough on crime". How gullible you are. With there catchy lil phrases "3 strikes your out". There is no hesitation. As you run to the polls with excitement to vote "yes". Lock them children up for the rest of there lives. To lock them up, throw away the key is not an effective deterrent to crime. Crime will always be among us. Should we really curtail an adolescents life, with a life behind bars. I believe you would differ if it was your child. Your niece your nephew. [Naeh/Nah] you would still vote yes. Such a heart less generation who is easily influenced allow me to reiterate. No compassion. No mercy. How could you possibly disregard that most heinous act. Simply weighing the positives against the negatives. Surely other factors are involved. No matter how severe, intense the crime. Dont let it persuade you. We cannot afford to lose another youth, fallen victim to the game. The repercussions will be enormous. From a tenda young age they consistently walk through that gate with a life sentence. The prison predator salivates. Elated that fresh meat is on the line. Contrary to popular belief, its not just in the movies. It happens everyday. If there fortunate theyll just lose there manhood. The not so lucky ones will perish. From this horrendous ordeal. Whats sad about it, is that many never come foreword. Afterwards, for fear of being ridiculed rejected by there fellow inmate. Then the small portion who do muster up the courage to notify the authorities. are given a slap in the face when the D.A refuses to pick up the case. Because the majority are doing life. They rationalize it to be a waste of time and resources. You cant add more time to a life sentence. Life is life. Period. Its difficult enough doing life. To be raped is not part of the punishment. Oftentimes the forces of darkness wreck havoc on that poor ole boys mind. Ooh a discombobulated mind. Lord have mercy. It appears to them there is nothing left to rely upon. No one in the world who cares. No hope left to grasp. That tormented individual has had enough as they ultimately take there own life. Oooh thats just some war story you heard on the wire. Would you like me to produce some paperwork. Would that satisfy your curiosity. Im only touching down here today for I feel you still have ample opportunity to make a change. Theres still time, although not much. But enough to reverse that generational curse. It all depends what you decide. What you make priority. If you would find the strength to stand firm in the midst of. Be the first in your family to graduate. The first to conquer them demons. The first to set your sights on a future living a productive life. To live a life of prestige and success. Is much better then kicking it on them street corners. Drinking some malt liquor, frequently dodging bullets that graze past your head. For I do not wish to live my life vicariously through you. Reaching my peak of 34 years. Its getting late in the evening now. All that matters to me is breathing some life back into a sin sick soul. Its not about me. Just on assignment. Carrying out my christian duty. Before they call me on up way out yonder. This is not another gripe, another complaint from a prisoner. No sir. There are others who concur with my sentiment wholeheartedly. For instance, the Pendulum Foundation of Colorado whom have been in the forefront & championing legislation for juveniles sentenced to life. Including victims familys. Sharletta Evans of Colorado whos 3 year old was killed in a drive by shooting. Spoke out in favor of forgiveness and redemption. As it pierced the ears of the supreme court. The highest court in the land, declared on May 17, 2010, that it is cruel and unusual punishment to give a child life without the possibility of parole. Several years prior the supreme court threw out the death sentence for teens in Roper vs Simmons case. Stating: "Under the evolving standards of decency test, that it is cruel and unusual punishment to execute a person who was under the age of 18 at the time of a murder. The court further stated! that compared to adults, juveniles have a lack of maturity, and sense of responsibility. Studies also found that juveniles are more vulnerable to negative influences and outside pressures, including peer pressure. They have less control or experience with control over there own environment. It is so crucial in every aspect of your life that you do wrong. It pulls you further and further away from your destiny. Your moment, your time passes you by. Its time to grow up. See life for what it is. That self imposed misery is destroying you. Have a sense of intuition. Grow a lil wiser. Day by each passing day get a little better. If you continue along in your journey, eventually youll see it all come to pass. Nothing is ever acquired without a fight. Fight it. Fight the good fight of faith. Take back your life my friend. Because spiritual weapons are stronger. Keep the faith. No matter what pops off. Always from the trenches of despair, keep on walking..... Brandon Martinez California

Author: Martinez, Brandon

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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