Is the American deus ex machina in trouble?

Magnific, Roc



"Is the American Deus Ex Machina in Trouble?" For years billions of taxpayer... dollars have been spent building state and federal human warehouses to "combat crime and protect John and Jane Q. Public from crime." Many politicians have been elected because of advocating "get tough on crime: build more prisons - it'll mean more jobs and security for concerned citizens." Furthermore: "Let's punish repeat offenders by increasing existing or let's pass new get-tough-on-crime sentencing laws." When it comes to pulling the wool over the eyes of a monkey public, pols know how to play the game real swell. They're not members of the Ananis and Sapphira Club for nothing. A lot of pols lie 98% of the time for the sake of money and power. And when it comes to courting... a love affair with that deus ex... machina (ay, caramba! The Bride of Frankenstein) called the American prison industry, one could cite it's akin to a marriage made in President Trump's real veep, his toupee - but... assembled in Hell. But surely as the Good Lord created the sun to rise in the east and set in the west, the correctional deus ex machine is in big trouble. Big trouble in the form of outbreaks of "blue flu" (e.g. state prisons are seeing scores of employees being fired from everything to prison sexual assault to bringing contraband [upon?] forlorn hopes. Big trouble in the form of the loss of labor force around (most of them small) area cities, hamlets where prisons are located. To wit for example here... in Arkansas, 98% of the state's 26 (!!!!) (For its small size, the Banana Republic has more prisons than any state in America) are of this variety. And a great deal of its labor force comes from the small towns in the areas around the prisons, skilled and quite trained. Yet many have retired throughout the Arkansas Department of Correction leaving a work force so severely... understaffed, under-paid vs. the national average for correctional officers, extremely poorly trained, the ADC's cherished [job?] pounds have been forced to close some satellite units adjoining [upon?] the main units they reside by due to lack of manpower. And Arkansas legislators were [?] quick to point fingers at ADC czarina Wendy Kelly for the problems that's going on. Kelly, the state's first female prison director came out swinging. Kelly got a lot of legislative livers riled up when she stressed when... she first became director, she asked for more officers and for pay raises for ADC employees. And most state ledge leaders applauded her for standing on the stump and getting... funky like a monkey. Arkansas, like other states across the country, are now finding out the [vitiated?] deus ex machine they prostituted themselves [upon?], has become nothing more than a seian horse. They are now drinking the cup of... dancing water cum grand salis, while looking for Aaron's serpent in medias res of the Egyptian days they are now experiencing. Maybe they can find some judiciousness from The Bard: "For there was never yet philosopher that could endure the toothache together." Much Ado About Nothing, (Act 4, S.1, 35-16). Roc Magnific

Author: Magnific, Roc

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: March 23, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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