Novinger, Lee



Issues Policy not allowed 76 degrees max ->summer 68 degrees ->winter Carswell 4 inmates in 2 person cells. Inadequate floor space. No doors. Heat issues->Housing temps not in BoP policy standards. Too hot. Guards and Administrative staff=cool. Medical-treatment most times not provided. Below standard of care. Alcoholism and drugs in staff. Food- Administrative food staff steals meats. I worked for food administration. Food trays missing food items. -Water unsafe. No staff drinks any fluids here. -Abusive staff to inmates. Remain on work details. -Transgenders given transition drugs. People dying due to denied care -Dental->more people toothless due to no care. -In March Carswell announced it was over budget on all supplies. In June tissue is rationed. July 10th no tissue on compound. -Drugs and alcohol are severe issues here. Poor habits are quickly learned. Violence sex acts prevalent. -We are forced to live with transgenders and severely mentally ill inmates. A lot of violence. -NO progressive education. No computer skills classes. All curriculum denied. I write great amounts of curriculum here and teach. -Laundry has to be bought for laundry time typically. We don't make enough money here. Salaries are mostly $5.25 a month. Won't buy shampoo! -Patients on floor are denied bed check and given 4 diapers per shift. Inadequate food calories. -Staff laughs at dying or terminal inmates. Lack of food and care for them. -Surgeries are delayed for years many times. -Women with hormone and uterine issues not cared for but transgenders get hormones, clothes, special commissary items, etc. -When medical records are finally procured most times diagnosis are wrong. Collecting $$. -Transfers to near location are almost always denied. -Consults cancelled. Care never provided. -Carswell licensed as an Ambulatory Care Center (nsy. home) Lee Novinger

Author: Novinger, Lee

Author Location: Texas

Date: September 17, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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