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5 February 2018 AK Mountains It Has Been Six Months It has been six months since I have written. The conditions at Anchorage Correctional Complex (ACC) have not changed. I am still a pretrial detainee of over 2 1/2 years. My attorneys all been worthless. No bail hearing, I have never seen my Discovery, I saw my attorney once in 2017 (April). After six months, I have had several of my grievances granted relief by the new Superintendent III Nighswonger. I have yet to actually see the granted relief to be put into action, so the new superintendent's current actions are an unfortunate following of violations to the law as those before him. The food served has gotten worse, still less than 2,000 calories a day. Rotten, stale, burned.... The 'clean' clothing exchange: no socks, no underwear, and sometimes no pants. Clean bedding exchange is taking 14-23 days and the last bedding exchange there were no clean sheets so its been currently 27 days with the same sheet. (We are supposed to get two sheets issued to us, but have only received one sheet on exchange for years). According to microbiologist's, "sheets should be laundered once a week". Still no pillows for most and those that are lucky enough to have received a pillow, no clean pillow cases. A clean towel!? What's that? 7-11 days for a towel exchange. According to Microbiologist Lisa Yakus "there is a significant amount of bacteria on a bath towel after 7 days". I'm fairly sure that since we only receive one towel to use for everything, in seven days our towels have so much bacteria that they would be condemned by the CDC as unsafe! But its not happened in at least the last three years here at ACC. I just received a screened grievance last week that i filed in July 2017. It was screened out because the issue in question no longer has merit due to the items in question have already been disposed of. I also received a grievance screened out that was filed in April 2017 because the paperwork that the grievance referenced to could no longer be located. While other institutions across the United States are trying hard to reduce solitary confinement, ACC has doubled solitary confinement in the last two years! Medical: On 1-16-18 at 4:02 PM I was having a hard time remembering and not able to hold a conversation or finish writing anything. The left side of my body was numb from my face to my foot. my right hand and side of my face was also numb, slurred speech. My upper left part of my skull felt like it was on fire there was so much pain in that part of my head. At 6:50 PM I was able to file a medical request for interview (RFI). I didn't get called to medical until the next day (1-17-18) at 11;40 AM with regular sick call! Incomplete, grossly negligent medical care at Anchorage Correctional Complex! As I'm writing this I received another screened, screened grievance back that I filed on 7-26-17 and received a screening of on 1-31-18 that i appealed on 2-1-18 and now just received a new, different screening on, appeal due 2-06-18. Nothing like changing the rules when what is being done by ACC is wrong! Anchorage Correctional Complex officials are in violation of Alaska Superior court order, violating United States Constitutional laws, Alaska Constitutional laws and Federal laws! Alaska Superior Court case against Alaska Department of Corrections for violating pretrial detainee, inmate and prisoner’s Constitutional rights. Cleary V. Smith 3AN-81-5274 CIV WWW.ADN.COM is our local newspaper, here are some articles: 7-13-17 'Judge cites municipality dirty tricks in APD discrimination case' by Charles Wohlforth - 2 detectives racially discriminated against at Anchorage Police Department. 8-13-17 'Going home' by Charles Wohlforth - lack of available rehabilitation. 9-29-17 'Seward Prison inmates were held naked in cells as part of apparent punishment' by Lisa Demer - Ombudsmans office delays investigation, 2013 case. 10-11-17 'Can state learn from Norways radically humane prisons?' by Michelle Theriault-Boots - recidivism is 60% in Alaska, 20% in Norway. 11-16-17 'Shoddy work on crime exposes Legislatures incompetence' by Charles Wohlforth. 12-6-17 'Doc at fault for inmate suicide' by Laurel Andrews. 1-2-18 'Avenging angel who attacked sex offenders has change of heart' by Teagan Hanlon - targeted victims based on their listing of Alaska's sex offender registry. 1-16-18 'Jail chats between lawyers, clients recorded' by Lisa Demer - Anchorage Correctional Complex claim they didn't know, recorded 2012-2016. 1-17-18 'Walker administration wants new felony charge for drug traffickers'. 1-19-18 'Inmate riot at Seward Maximum Security Prison' by Laurel Andrews - claims last riot at Alaska D.O.C. was 8/2017 at Fairbanks Correctional Center, untrue, ACC has a riot in September 2017 and the latest was Jan. 7, 2018.

Author: Akmountains

Author Location: Alaska

Date: February 5, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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