It is hard for me to write this

Grier, Patrick



It is hard for me to write this. In prison we must hide our emotions. But I am afraid! My toe has been infected for four months. I have seen nurses and doctors and yet I still don't know how my toe became infected nor have I recieved proper treatment for the infection. At first the nurses laughed when I showed them the cut on my toe that wouldn't heal. Then they provided Iodine, Epsom Salt and antibiotics. Finally when none of that worked they became concerned. Still they did nothing but provide lip service. I believe I need to go to a outside hospital but the D.O.C. doesn't want to pay for it. In prison we are suppose to have adequate medical care but that is a lie. We are given the bare minimum. Most of us dont have the money or support system to complain about this injustice. Those of us who have the money are able to have lawyers who are willing to sue for are rights. Those of us who have a support system are able to make enough fuss to get our rights. In my situation all of my money and support system have gone to overturning my conviction. All I can do is hope my toe gets better on its own or by some miracle I am sent to a outside hospital for proper evaluation and treatment. I am afraid the infection will spread and my toe will have to be cut off or worse I will die. It is frustrating dealing with this pain alone. Recently I have been questioning my status as a human. I realized that once the prison doors closed I stopped being a human and started over as a number.

Author: Grier, Patrick

Author Location: Massachusetts

Date: June 29, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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