It was written

Morel, Richard Brocatto


IT WAS WRITTEN It was in my destiny to join in a great adventure. It was also written that not long before, I would be forgotten. In my endeavor to conquer the final chapter of my life, I prepair myself for the best and the worst to come. But, it wasn't my choice. I was pushed into it by the law. The same law I had taught my kids to respect. It had disrespected me. By punishing me to spend the rest of my life in prison. For something that I did not do. For a crime that did not exist. Yes, I was troublesome and confused, but I knew it was my journey, my opportunity to prove myself. What was I made of; To learn about what I have heard so much. A life behind bars, To learn from the right ungle about it. See, I had done many things in life for me and others, good and bad. For some reason, I always left things halfway done. Unfinish and what I did right with my right hand, I destroyed it with my left. Due to that fact, now I am alone. All my loved ones are staying away. I understand, no one wants to be connected to a criminal in prison for life. Difficulties, I spect them in all colors, size and flavors. I will write about how really is life in prison. How those trained, to or not to protect criminals, but to scream at them. Abuse inmates protected by their bosses. I will write about how those proffessional inmates mistreat others inmates specially the elderly. I spect to live callamities, hungry days, cold nights, sick days... Well, it is prison. All this and more is the price I'm willing to pay. Don't take me wrong now day this ride could also be enjoyed. I am doing so. Now, I no longer worry with the difficulties and affliction suffered in prison, those have vanished. With time I have adapted and learned how to live within the system. I have also learned that once we get here, it's very hard to win an appeal. With so much corruption within the legal system, To protect this business. Oh! We know it's unconstitutional for them to do so, but who gives a dam. The pay attornies? Who are nothing but leeches, sucking dollar out the sentenced inmate; The appointed defense counsel? Who deal our life away while drinking a beer on the nears bar with the district attornies? That's a joke; The district attornies whose gold is to climb up the latter? But them all are being observed by the corrupted politicians, who need these numbers for their campain. But I am over all that already. My job now is to attest how is life behind bars. Specially for the thousands of elderlies. I am talking about men and women over sixty five, and yes, we are thousands, abused daily by the CDCR system, the legal system and the medical system. Which is the worst of all. Specially for those who don't have any one outside. For some including myself, prison is detrimental. With the difference that I was prepared mentally and spiritually. Due to my life of soffering through the years. My mind is sharp and ready to cope with the unspected. As I have done my whole life. I had no one to lean on, but many to push me. all I can do now is take advantage of the last ride of my life, while it last. The rest, I mean when I die, who cares. I won't be here to laught at me. cause it was written and I am enjoying it. Thank you for the invitation. Hope to hear from you soon.

Author: Morel, Richard Brocatto

Author Location: California

Date: 2022

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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