It’s been a while since I last wrote

Hughes, Chris



Monday 1-22-18 APWA, It's been a while since I last wrote. Prison's only gotten worse since. They steadily take away "privileges". About 8 years ago we had some decent food. They've ruined our food. It's just gruel now. They used to give us coffee with breakfast. Not anymore. We used to be able to buy Sony radios. Now we get "ClearTune" radios that are "mono" only and sound like shit. The Sony's could go about 3 to 4 weeks on one battery. The "ClearTunes" can only go 1 week max on two batteries! And we can only get two batteries once a month if we have no money. So we can listen 4 or 5 days of a month. Wow. A little while back we got crackers with our medicine to help our stomachs. Now they did away with that. We're damn near on concentration camp rations. If that's an exaggeration then at the rate they keep taking things away we'll soon be and it'll no longer be an exaggeration. This is a pitiful existence. It's inhumane. No man who isn't causing trouble and is wanting another chance should be locked in a cage and treated like the most dangerous person on earth. But we are. I threatened a guard. So I'll be in this cage a total of 6 months. 24/7. Is that reasonable? And I'm in a wheelchair. I can stand up but I'm in awful shape. Yet they say this is for "control purposes". They claim they need to do all this for "control purposes"? One guard could take me down easy. I'm damn near helpless. We're the unseen. Uncared for. Society's trash. Just throw us in cages and let us rot until we one day will be released worse than we were to begin with. We sure as hell aren't getting any good out of it. I'm an anti-authoritarian. "All men are created equal". Aren't they? So who are they to run roughshod over me? That's how I feel even though I know we must have and respect authority. But not when it is abused - and the majority of the time that's what I see. Think back: How could a judge declare those cops who beat, attempted to murder Rodney King, not guilty? How? Why the law for me but not thee? The police are rarely our "friends". In my life I've seen way more bad than good from police. I'm a rebel. I wasn't born to be ruled, " the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country......with none to govern but themselves....."- Chisholm v. Georgia US 2 DALL 419, 454, 1 L. Ed 440, 455. Those people fought for our freedom. For the "Land of the Free". But how, when we have more prisoners than any other country on Earth? And it's obvious that drug laws and mass incarceration is leading nowhere.... except for the elite profiteers. Prisoners are the modern day cattle trade. See, every US citizen has a trust fund and an estate with money in it. The CQV Trust is set up at your birth and signed into being without you or your mother or father's knowledge, with your birth certificate. Fuck Judge Judy. Look, go to real courtrooms. Go to jail and spend with real life defendants. You will see that "justice" is the farthest thing from DAs' and Judges' minds. They look at cases and see if they can convict you - regardless of right or wrong. If they believe they can convince a jury you did it then they are gonna do it - right or wrong, guilt or innocence, does not matter. Cops can defend themselves - we can't. They beat people with impunity (Rodney King). At Alexander CI. in Taylorsville, N.C. the guards beat an inmate into a quadriplegic. Nothing was done. So, "Why the law for me, but not for thee?" Those guards are still working. How can they do such a thing and still work in a place in a position to punish others who are guilty of lesser, far lesser, crimes? They are guilty of attempted murder. (The inmates name is Timothy Helms). And they mete out "justice"? This is very wrong. How can this be tolerated by a "free country"? Where are the people? Do they exist? Wake up! Fuck the Super Bowl! Fuck the stupid tube. Yet people say nothing. They just go with the "flow" and don't care - until it happens to them or their loved ones. People in here are suicidal. But if they go to the "authorities" and tell a psychologist they're thinking of suicide then they're punished. By being stuck, butt naked, in a freezing cell for at least 48 hours. What good is that? There's no counseling or attempts to give any truly substantial help. The psychologists only ask if you're suicidal or not - that's all they want to know. They don't care; we're just "criminals", "no-goods" or "trash", so they just write it off as lost. But we get released! Into the public. And guess what: we're worse off and so is the public that their Department is supposedly making "safer" by driving people crazy then releasing them. Who's the genius that came up with this plan? They should be charged as criminals. Look what they are doing! They are doing nothing but making society worse. Lesser sentences and simple mercy would help fathers get back to wive's and children. It would breed more trust between authorities and society. People would actually be able to better themselves instead of being locked in cages rotting away. Not that a lot of prisoners do not deserve harsh punishment, they do. A lot of them have done things that must be punished. But not the majority. Only a minority. I have met and spoke with a lot of prisoners that I don't believe need to be here - we're just rotting away, going crazy. But this ink is wasted. Nobody cares. And the ones that do don't know how to help. So I'll close on that note. It all leads to the courts and rules and codes. Sincerely, Chris Hughes

Author: Hughes, Chris

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: January 22, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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