It’s more than a little trying

Sorensen, Alan Jade



"It's more than a little trying" By Alan Sorensen The hot, dry weather that is fanning fires across Colorado, states, is also battering the state’s economy as politicians use up every hard-earned dollar, just to keep people in prison long after all common sense inwhat has become purely punitive. It is not just industry and crops drying up, your farms and homes burning;”it is your money “in taxes and every special interest that is sending the cost of homes and land even higher. Why, just so these people in office can appease some voters, after all it’s better to be seen doing something rather than nothing, even if it’s not their money paying the bills. I have heard it all before, “just another conspiracy theorist”, perhaps, but in all reality is it truly conspiracy when real world fear meets fact, so think about it, it is your life and all you care about on the line. I have read about what many good people and reporters think, and researched, but here are a few facts about your life you have never heard about. When I first came to Colorado, such a beautiful state, Aspen trees, the mountains, people so open and giving, a two-bedroom house only cost a hundred dollars a month, my insurance for my wife, children and I was only ten dollars a month with a fifty dollar deductible, in other words it only cost fifty dollars for my children’s birth. What changed? Politics, abuses so deep that even at my age I do not believe I can answer all the questions, but in a few words, these politicians have used fear to raise tax money, that equals power, and that is a conspiracy of dirty politics never seen before. It use to be that most people only believed what they experienced in their own lives, now these same people are willing to believe, yes misled at best, by all the online information. Such abuses, are now seen as the new normal in our daily lives, making it all too easy for us to be used by our fears and willingness to trust everything we hear, and see by those we want to trust. I will let the facts and ugly truths speak for themselves, do not take my word for it, look at all the online information people depend on and believe in their daily lives. It is all there; look at the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics. Why is it that our newly elected presidents, legislators, governors, those appointed to the Supreme Court and many others, talk about the need for criminal justice reform? All the staggering numbers of all the wrongfully convicted, stacked and long sentences that is beyond all rationality or compassion, but when it comes right down to it, nothing changes even the fact that you are paying for it. I often hear such Executive Directors, those appointed to the Department of Corrections say, “Our states have a long history of punishment that simply does not work!” Such recidivism, 48% is not going unnoticed, but that is only half the story, to cut fact from fiction you must look deeper as such recidivism comes from paroling what politicians and society call short-term offenders. “As Such” these individuals can do or say anything, it is as if they have this get out of jail free card, they do not care or recognize just how precious life and freedom is. While long-term offenders have the lowest rate of recidivism, who’s numbers drop exponentially to less than 10% after ten years, and even further after twenty or thirty years or more. In what world is not such thinking insanity, doing the same thing and expecting different results, most these individuals after so much time are low, or no risk, most had jobs before their arrest, paid enough into social security that they can pay their own bills, they do not need you to do it for them. I know it is a difficult truth, we are raised to believe those in authority, but I have seen and heard such politicians “cry wolf” time and time again, only to frighten people into , to do only what is easy and safe, regardless of whom it hurts. Just as long as people, yes, many innocent, are interned in these modern day gulags, prison camps of the new world so the elected and appointed individuals never have to look the victims of law and order in the eyes. I have said it before; the problem is not just the police, but also the lawmakers themselves. On the other hand, did you think that only those you see on the news are the only ones “being brutalized” in the name of justice? Why is it that most of our elected still believe that the ends justify the means? That is not a “conspiracy theory” but just an unpleasant fact we all would do well to remember when it is time to vote! It is past time that we need to put aside our differences and learn to live and work together for the greater good, common welfare, only then will we find real security in our lives. Charity does not mean we must sacrifice the ideals this great country was built on, “Greed and rapacity”, is not, who we are, we must think of all humanity as our family and friends, and then there is no end to the blessings we as a Society will receive. “We can not do this alone” we need all of your help, alone the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, are just paper, We the People of the United States, what we believe, what we stand for is the real Constitution! There are much larger things going on in this world, we can no longer define ourselves by keeping those around us in poverty, and if that fails, in prison, as long as they are out of sight and out of mind. “Time to wake up and think about it!”

Author: Sorensen, Alan Jade

Author Location: Colorado

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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