Its nice to be welcomed to CT

Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.



5/29/20 42 Its nice to be welcomed to CT., when your from out of state. I say I'm from both, because I came to Connecticut in 1972 and back then, I finished the 2nd grade in a catholic school, which my grand mother paid for. She was born in Connecticut, and I guess she wanted us to be raised in CT. By the time I was in the 3rd grade we was taken from my mother. due to her heroin use. Till this day, thats one drug that I never went near, calling my self getting high, with a needle in my vain, ha! That will blow the high, with me not liking needles at all. I make pizza's in here and for the $3.10, I spend for the sausage & cheese, I make $12.00, so that profit is enough. 3 I done been locked up for 10 1/2 years, so I kind of bond with certain officers, then some officers like Ms. Green today, who plucked my nerves, and by hypertension running through my family, I let her have it. and thats when I went to get the ink for the piece of crap typewriter that they have. and when I get on it, and start, it takes my mind out of here mentally. I enjoy doing something positive. Positive over negative, all the time, is how I function. (Appendix to the Petition for Certiorari) I'm gone wait till get back into school, to continue doing essays, and I do them on the computor. I'm gone go en look for an picture that I could send with this letter/essay, and hope Hamilton will send it back when done? I done encouraged 2 people and one of them is a writer. I thank you for your entress in viewing my positive thought. Thank you KB

Author: Benefield, Kevin M., Sr.

Author Location: Connecticut

Date: May 29, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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