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Santos, Angel



1st essay Ive written in past, I submitted an up to date story as to current affairs in this facility and they are a mirror of affairs in this state and a mirror of the administrators whom Im viewing from current state of affair forget there duty to constitution of U.S.A. and the critical mandate that our democratic country is for the people by the people. The issue is the sexual predator has infiltrated and now has positions with numerous internal branch of prison which directly again is under jurisdiction of the United States of America. Let me assure sexual predators do not have sexual relations as all humans do. The name is an addressment to fact that since they are getting gratification, and that gratification is to any normal educated person. Known to be an act by the sex offender to fill the void he has to clarify every human has intimacy and all that attaches to that intimacy, some components of which carry over into other [aspects?] of life, link to emotion some occasion's that emotion is not exposed but assist even unknowingly in decision making or ability to. That said the sex offender has again a void and in my viewpoint and from there acts and predatory fashion, and how abnormal that predatory [fashion?] is carried. Point is to get at least on level and identify a part human and there crimes, and the necessity to have them labeled and signaled out for, in fact humanity to continue uninfringed upon, sex offender is fitting. They get gratification off of destroy humans. And there is no clearer way to put, and some may say well that is a cold explanation. I alert those whom would confuse reality to level and view. The sex offender for what they are and what the more identify with they identify with an animal. They hate humanity hate sincerity, decency. Any aspect of the human whom is diverse, different even when the same and that is forgotten it appears lets say your taste is [cargos?], and the other guys too. Each of you remain individuals and the [cargos?], does not make you but it is quite the add. You see I say this because do to infiltration by the sex offender whom really has no personality and stick only to prey on others, they feel no joy, but prey on you with mimicked emotions of and there predatory disorder take a few different forms known of which are to vast all of which have cost life anyway due to infiltration by persons whom dont feel therefore do not know how to live what is life they have taken away from us all. Through a manipulation of envy in sense that the envy humans, yet get us all to pause our life's, and review ourself's, solely to give to there predatory gratification. Sex offenders, again do not feel, only hate spews out a hate hidden that said they enjoy [illegible] us all out and stopping us from living. Think if you and the love of your life. The woman or man if you are heterosexual that due to your connection your genes may be. May flourish, your child may be all you aspire. That is what was meant, that was well say your significant other just the best fit. And you knew it. A sex offender will destroy that connection and block it through an illusion, and a targeting of reservations so instilled in you and every American that you would not, unreserve your reservation what if you told the guy or gal you have an eye for her well say. Predator till no end, destroyer of humanity till no end. He may tell you she thought you to be a creep, and in fact disliked you. How you would not enquire for we all are not pushy you see and he may go so far to tell her something and lock her into same then redirect you all. Now what, you have lost, she has lost, and the sexual predatory considers that a gain a win one victory. Same with friendships. Now when thats done to 20 people and on top of that children are molested, elderly molested the most sensitive killed, through predatory act that targets those very sympathetic resilient fashion. All by the same predatory note all sex offender are the same. Every single one man/woman has same agenda same orientation bestiality now factor, the constant predatory character, They are non stop and may sabotage numerous in one day every day is a gratification well say rare. There is somewhere been a misunderstanding as to sex offender and this has to do with current affairs in prison life in Massachusetts. Note also criminal's including those convicted of murder have reservation, have feeling have standards and are human. Now law understands that and are society at large also but I realize that somewhere along the line sex offender and criminal were put into same [portfolio?] well say and that hurts us all a sex offender a pedophile again only orientation of sexual predator pedophilia bestiality is more along the lines of a war criminal. A criminal against humanity acting at crimes against said. And when you know the psychology and all attachments to sex offender you know that. They are not human, they are violent, and to look out for. Here in this facility and others and also it may be impacting all around views on criminals citizens whom are put forth to face accusations in court humanely, and as due process demands only There are significant departures from this in Massachusetts But to finish the view may be changing as to criminals, myself and others of this choice all is choice in America but all is trust in my government I trust I know were I was born and what my character faced, and I made that chose knowing humanity would never betray me. And in fact it has. This I clarify criminals believe in process and unless extringent circumstances do not waive there right to remain silent 5th Amendment nor do the beg for leniency at sentencing stages Sex offenders have taken to winning favor by manipulating the society at large through targeting sympathy at hearings and act's in tune with that. Now none of remorse is genuine and the viewer could note if the words spewed forth unless written by another will be clear the sex offender only wakes to prey on others to beat others out of life. To rape animals and molest humans also [106?] them, set fires, murder then throw poison then brutality and numerous acts none of which humans duplicate picture a murder of an most genuine person for the senseless motive of gratification envy and bestiality yet through waivers of sin and lack of education by officials The motive right before them same as which spoken by offender, is missed just another murder pedophilic murder hurts those whom's choices in America dictated such atrocity would never touch them note that. Unprovoked random yet calculated, and poisoning included or [druggin?] non euphoric done by what is truely consider heartless are community administrators have gone for theateric, zeal. Versus fact and evidence that has allowed sex offenders to hide there crimes to blame others whom are inocent for crimes such as murder Can you envision a sex offender as an informant welcome to Massachusetts that is this states primary agenda sex offender informant now note sex offenders are compulsive liars, distorted in there views and in fact were laws respected due to lack of veracity they are banned as witnesses and I want all to know informancy is illegal and rightfully so it goes against 6 Amendment Constitution clause and many due process attachments there from not to mention secret files on citizens and so forth are against democracy and Massachusetts abandons it citizens, and places sex offender in informancy jobs and hire in D.O.C. as attorneys in courts sex offender The most violent, repugnant due to that are, in plush positions in there eyes and in reality the [illegible] get to hurt humanity this was the state of Brothers Bulger and still is I assure you prison life here is deplorable normal men get no one right respected Sex offender rule is in place and they are hidden in a gang population gang prison with complete immunity and all tools as pedophilia except children, supplied to them by D.O.C. That is how prison life here, to all whom do not know prison life it is an all man environment an environment were respect, and humanity rule all humans go to [comfort?] here whether it be among racial lines, and class lines white with white, Hispanic with Hispanic and rightfully so Remember quality of life as to those groups compatibility exist at all of us are different and in incarcerated state of mind it is most enjoyable to be with what you know all your life think look in the mirror and view. That is what you are. And all whom can face that mirror and have a heart and have reality well in hold feel more comfortable with each other and it's easier living in Massachusetts all out war has been waged on prison life on quality of life on humanity Now that's due to infiltration and do to the unknown aspects of criminals sex offenders have gotten society to abandon us at large while the sex offenders head to the door with licenses and empowered to hate in [illegible] always remember human that is all, not in generic form, not in illusion. But in reality humans remember reservation education and ability to learn at a higher rate is not ideal in this setting but reservation is humans, think before the tread forward. Never allow a sex offender in uniform, a strong few but the most manipulative and are you will hear us, with prisoners do to illegal stoppages of mail you may never [confer?] with a human whom is incarcerated that mail solely is allowed to sex offenders In direct violation of 1st Amendment right to correspond at again Massachusetts abandons all American principals all rights and again that is due to the heartless in uniform That said if it doesnt align with human then do not consider it at expense of citizens men in here show consequence know decision, know and respect choice so think among lives of reason all are different at all have reason the sexual predators do not have that yet prey on it prey on rules on structure to act animalistic could you speak to a dog answer is no, only you can outsmart it and predict it behavior or stop save that dog is sex offender they speak dog only All misunderstands are brought form due to infiltration, it is shocking to go through process with no due process and view pedophilic ideas forced massively even in courts of Massachusetts with no check or balance regardless That is life here to educate go to the educators of yesterday and you will know America is perfect Massachusetts [illegible]

Author: Santos, Angel

Author Location: Massachusetts

Date: June 30, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 20 pages

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