Jail slang

Artistic, Shawn



"Jail Slang" 12/08/18 The jailhouse is called the "bucket"; a year sentence with half is called "taking a nap". The mess hall slang for Salisbury steak is "Gaines burger", and to catch a "hot one" means to commit murder. The slang term for [dangrous dangerous] inmates are "righteous weapons" and "road dogs" are inmates who do not declare any gang affiliation but buddy up inside prison for protection. Stay away from "chomos" because they are known as child molesters. Someone wearing a "rat jacket" is known as an informant and all you need is a "red eye" which is a hard stare to keep the fools stressing. "Greenlight" is a hit, a robbery is a "lick" and one who buys and sells stolen goods is a "fence". "Eagle has landed" means heroin is on the yard used to turn out "bustas" who are fraudulent gang members that choose to act hard. Deputies are "babylon", "hang tough" means to stand strong and 25 to life is "all day long".

Author: Artistic, Shawn

Author Location: California

Date: December 8, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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